Handful of C.O.C.

Hello, friends. I had a wonderful time over the weekend. Unfortunately, I messed up and forgot my phone bill during the recent holiday, and it was conveniently, and quite quickly, disconnected.

Luckily, an inbound call still came through this morning, and I was able to get back in time for a date. He was supposed to call a cab for me as soon as he returned to his vehicle. For whatever reason, it has yet to arrive.

Now, I have available time to fill y’all in on some juicy new Masterhead BS. You know, I’ve always got somethin interesting going on. Whether it’s pre-planned or not.

My daughter’s father is now doing tattoos out of Mobile, Alabama. I spent the weekend with her and her younger siblings, finally culminating in me either painting or stuffing Easter eggs full of candy. I had a wonderful time!

Yesterday morning, my ex returned from LA (lower Bama) to barbecue up some burgers and dogs for the youngins. Hunting for eggs can work up quite the appetite, it seems. We drank Carona’s with lime and smoked out the carport with sweet smellin pine. Just what every afternoon barbecue should include to be considered Southern at all.

I’ve told you about C.O.C. before. He’s been a feature of many of my wildest tales of sex and/or naughty and forbidden happenings in my life. Being that we’ve known each other over 20 years, (and the fact that he’s a hoe) I’ve had so many lurid memories that involve him to choose to write from.

Well… He hasn’t changed not one bit over the years. Despite his being married now for the past seven or eight of them AND the introduction of his past five children, C.O.C. will always be a dick. But, A LOVABLE DICK, to be sure! (For the most part.)

He finally shaved that disgusting beard off of his face. You know, his ‘Christmas look’ (the “Anti-Clause”). Being an atheist has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with weird facial hair! (Thank you, Jesus!) He changes his look up so much that it won’t be very long, and there will be something else odd or abnormal to add to his arsenal of undesirable physical attributes.

One thing NEVER changes… THIS FUCKER IS HUNG! When I was younger, it meant so much more to me. Now… Ooh. Too much. Too much! Still, it is quite beautiful to admire up close.

I just recently put up an entire showcase spread full of delicious new LIXX PIX for my supporters and friends to enjoy. Actually, I was so pleased at how well they turned out that I wanted EVERYONE to see!

Before C.O.C.’s wife had even picked me up for the beginning of this fun-filled weekend, I had already sent her the new photos. She’s a delightful girl that I’ve had the pleasure of watching mature into a truly remarkable woman. Her blunt honesty has always been a trait I’ve admired and given me more cause to believe her quick judgments of my carefully collected images than most.

SHE LOVED THEM! Of course, some a little more than others. One, in particular, very much. Her musings as a bisexual are much more appreciated than any feminine approval she may have given me, but I kinda think she’s always had a little crush on me, too. Whatever…(Hmmm…)

Hungover from the Easter Bash of yesterday, I only HEARD the kids shuffle about, eat breakfast, then gather at the front door. I hollered out over the noisy bunch, several “bye”, “love you”, and “Have a good day”s, until the small house, again, filled with silence. Their vehicle cranked up, and, a few minutes later, drove away down the street.

The next time I awoke, C.O.C. was hiding out on the couch (the two canines and I’s chosen bed this past weekend) from the baby, just returned to sleep, only moments before. “Can i see your new pictures?” Of course, I couldn’t wait to show him.

Despite the fact that he’s a total pervert and an unfathomable hoe, C.O.C. is also a man. I truly wanted the opinion of one on the pix I’d recently added to my website. 

Now, it’s possible, that he might be a bit biased. Not towards me, for any fuckin reason. No. Actually, he prefers a thick chick to a bean pole ALL DAY LONG, and his strong opinion and, sometimes, outlandish pre-judgements are often vacated completely when in the presence of pussy… OF ANY KIND! I’m fuckin being serious here, peeps. (Blank. Open eyed. Never blinking… Serious.)

Of course, you already know. Almost immediately, he was flipping through the images displayed, quite beautifully, on his laptop’s large screen. Dick in hand.

It was obvious which ones he preferred. C.O.C.’s cock would jump to attention each time he mellowed over an exceptionally hot pic, and his stroke would quickly become frenzied and overheated. I half expected it to just cum right off in his hand, and the life drain away, at some point.

So, you know me… I offered a hand. Literally. I reached over with one hand and commanded him, “spit”. Newly slicked and, now, slightly wetter, I kneaded his thick, veined flesh to attention, using the head to work him to the very brink. Then, i encircled it back down to the base until his orgasm had eased away.

Over the many years I’ve spent worshipping this organ, there is still some sort of charisma that is evoked through cock play. I love using the palm of one, or both of my hands, to truly intensify that cataclysmic event, until ALL stored semen is unleashed in violent orgasm. The power I access in such an action is truly exhilarating, and I’m 100%, a million times over, addicted to it.

It was an interesting enough end to my wonderful weekend of family fun. I had a blast, and only wish that there was more available time to spend with my quickly maturing, teenage daughter.

I love her, so much. Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, is more fulfilling than watching my intelligent and beautiful baby-girl grow into a thoughtful and well-rounded young woman. With C.O.C and I as parents, (OMG) she’s gonna have plenty of pervish genes to contend with. And, we’re certainly in for quite a ride, I’m sure.

I’m hangin on tight, because if she’s ANYTHING like me…


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