Public Panty Problems

GOOD MORNING, my naughty friends. I hope everything ended well for ya’ll yesterday evening. I ran out of loud green smoke last night, so I’m just a little surprised that I’m in such a super good mood today. You see, I knew in advance what I was going to write about, so I’ve had all night to reminisce on those delicious memories. 

So, Let’s get started on a really good foot. That kinky foot. You know. The one that walks a different way no matter how you step. There are some females out there that probably look at me as having two left feet because of the differences between us. I know my freaks know what I’m talking about. Well, I say… It’s time to dance bitches.

Looking to add some fresh spice to your life? You know I’m always here to help. What you really gotta do, if you haven’t already, is fuck outdoors. No, I’m being serious. There’s no greater producer of orgasmic adrenaline than having sex in public where someone could easily walk up and see you. I don’t know why. Despite how you THINK you feel about it now, once those precious moments have passed, you will feel the exhileration I speak of for yourself.

I definitely remember my first public sex act. Now, that’s taking into consideration that in my teenage years I spent a whole lot of time in the bathroom raping my friends. But that was usually behind a closed door. So, really, I’m not even sure it really counts.

My first time actually  began as a harmless prank. Do you recall the bisexual (GAY-GAY-GAY) ex-fiance that I just recently told you about? The one that used to go to all the orgies with me. Oh, we were hell separately, but as a couple… There wasn’t anything that we wouldn’t try at least once.  Usually, far FAR more than once.

Well this was one of our date nights. We packed up and headed out to the nearest bar. What Chris didn’t know was that I had done something my mother had always warned me against. I’d left my house without my drawers on. 

Oh, I didn’t intend to tell him. I just played pool like usual, pausing only slightly when my ass was facing the crowded room. When he finally noticed, he just sat there stunned. I don’t think he was really too shocked i didn’t wear my underware, but more so, I think he was probably picturing the tiny amount of air that stood between me and the perverted drunken strangers. Do you see now why I almost made it to the altar with that man?

It was his immediate reaction to take me by the arms and sit me down onto his lap. (Note: This is the actual true story that inspired me to write my short story distraction.) My back was to his front, so we could both see everyone in the bar as he slow stroked me right out in the open. We had sex twice more in the car and then again when we reached our house. It was an intensely erotic experience. Actually, it was the jumping off point from which we began to do our swinging.

I’m very embarrassed to tell you this right now, but I am going to have to pause. I have countless exeriences of fucking and sucking and masturbating in public that I could choose from to share with you. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) retelling this story and the memories that it brought back has caused the most curious wet spot on the panties I’m wearing TODAY, and I must take care of it immediately. You’d understand if you had a GREEDY of your own. 

I definitely apologize for this and promise I will return today to finish what I began. But until then…



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