About Masterhead69

I began life as a toy for the older male generation of my family. I don’t ever recall NOT knowing about sex, secrets, and the male sex organ. Before the age of 25, I was given the title of Masterhead by a local Romeo who had an affliction for blowjobs. The name became a moniker that everyone seemed ecstatic to try. Simply put… I’ve sucked more dicks than you can possibly ever imagine. And I loved (just about) every one of them.


I was screwing guys for free off of the internet, when a kind fella finally suggested I charge. CHARGE FOR WHAT?? I was just a slut. But he informed me, the world of escorting could truly use a few sluts. And… here I am.


Much older than when I began. Much more difficult to stay abreast the competition. But… when you are the Masterhead…


Business is NEVER a problem.