Sometimes, You gotta do… What you, just, gotta do

Throughout my life, I've been met with many great disappointments and forced to overcum tasks of Herculean proportions. No. It's never been easy, but... Sometimes, you gotta do... What you, just, gotta do! Recently, I felt down and unable to see myself out of my current situation. However, at my lowest point... I saw the …


Setups, Setbacks, and Long Overdue Sitdowns

Hello, again, friends. My bad on the absence. I'd think, y'all should be getting a bit more used to it, by now. It, seems, to have become my operatus mirandi, and doesn't seem to be changing in anyway, despite the circumstances. This time it was different. Look, "Raw & Uncut Honesty" helped me by airing …


After just having surgery, the lack of support has been amazing to me. Thanks, friends. I have received your hint and have, finally, turned my phone off. Guess I'll get back to you when my services are available. BTW: Thanks again...friends.