I’d Rather Be a Broke Bitch…

Get this folks… Hot off the press! Escorts don’t really like to fuck. Nope. It’s all about the money. I’ve been informed repeatedly, but I guess it didn’t completely sink in until one of my newest friendships with an escort ended today. Wtf! I know FOR A FACT that I’m not the only fucking bitch out there that really gives a fuck about who I’m fucking because it’s about more than just COLD HARD CASH.

If you say you LOVE WHAT YOU DO, the word MONEY wouldn’t be so hardwired into your mainframe. And do you not recall just screwing me over for a couple hundred bucks the other day? It hasn’t even been a fucking week! Oh, wait. I could be wrong. Was it even $200?

So, you blow your stack over me ‘keeping all the money for myself’? Are you even being serious right now? Am I on Tales From The Darkside, because I’m seriously spooked this time people. This is the first friendship to go down about MONEY, and yet, I wasn’t robbed this time. 
Well, yes. We both were. Of having a REAL FRIENDSHIP.

I was doing my best to get over that bullshit last Friday. She had spoken to me on the phone the very day before and asked me how seriously I felt about said gent. She literally shat on my fucking heartfelt answer by fucking him anyway. Her response, “as long as it (friendship) doesn’t fuck up my money”. I swear, I am not even paraphrasing. Those were the fucking words cumming out of her mouth. 

When exactly was I ‘keeping all the money for myself; ‘thinking only of myself and my needs’? When that crazy chick was dying my hair and I couldn’t text to set up doubles with you? Or during my prescheduled appointment directly after? You said you’d get another chick anyway. So, when the fuck did I “fuck up yo money”? Are you fucking serious?? 

My world is insanity. This is insanity. I don’t fucking want a friendship based on MONEY. I don’t want a friend like that either. Period. I can’t even believe you pretended to be honest with me. You weren’t honest, and you fucked up something that could have been really, really good.


Sorry I hurt your monetary feelings. I could’ve used a REAL friend.


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