Attractive Pussies

You know, I’m used to men telling me I’m pretty; I’m sexy; I’ve got IT. And, maybe most men do believe these things, but you have to take into consideration whether these fellas are actually honest or not.

Here’s how I look at it: If you see my name degraded in print, and you hear bad things about me, and you still sit on your ass and just watch it go down without saying a word… Then you most certainly are not worthy of any of THIS.

I’ve spent my entire life ignoring the stupidity of others and being strong against people who have repeatedly done wrong by me. From my first recollection of life, I have fought hands on my crotch and forced kisses upon my lips, all before the age of six. This went on for many, many years, and I never told a soul. If that doesn’t make me a strong azz mother fucker, then I just don’t fuckin know who is.

EVERYONE has the ability to hurt with words. It is far too easy to just call someone names. Expletives are some of the most common used words in the dictionary. So, it’s not like a lot of thought process has to go into degrading someone with mere statements. Oh, and I’m certainly not questioning why anyone would do that. (Duh. Because they’re evil and have a small vocabulary.)

No. That’s a given. What I’m speaking of is the SILENT PARTNER who sits by, knowing that it is wrong, yet continues to allow someone to behave badly and embarrass themselves. Not just behave badly… actually verbally ATTACK an innocent human being. Well, you’ve not only allowed them to dig their own grave, but have silently dug your own. And the hole around you grows larger with each outburst that you ignore.

And each moment that goes by that I don’t receive a text or phone call asking me how I am after all of the hateful lies spread about me, proves ever more the spectrum of the damage. You see, you fellas, in particular, are my weakest of friends.

Let’s see… What exactly does a strong friend consist of? Well, it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with MONEY. Do you see how the words FRIEND and MONEY don’t even go together at all? There is no conjunction of the words anywhere in the dictionary, because they have absolutely NOTHING in common.

To be a good friend, or rather, just a gentleman, you don’t allow others to tear each other down. You don’t go silent and pretend you weren’t paying attention. You can see with your own eyes what’s going on. Why must you play the “oh no, what just happened” game?

A man that can not stand up for what is right is not my idea of a man. Valor seems to have joined the endangered list. And… really. Can you imagine how difficult it is to talk about sex when all you can taste is disgust and contempt?

I’ve spent my entire life fighting for what’s right. If someone was in need… I helped. If someone fell… I picked them up. If someone needed an ear… I had two to lend. And, as a female, that’s definitely not always easily done. At times, I have to fight against my fear to reach out to someone else. Oh, and if I saw an unfair fight, I damn sure did my best to end it safely, despite the fact that I may have been injured in the process.

But words can’t hurt someone? How the fuck would you know?! You watched. You listened. And, like the gentlemen you are, you sat on your hands and DID NOTHING. I couldn’t make sense of any of it, and IT WAS ABOUT ME. It just sounded like a thunderstorm of INFLAMMATORY ACCUSATIONS made so publicly as to HAVE TO BE TRUE. Right????Ahem. Well, you’re all JUST PLAIN WRONG. You don’t even have to know any of the back story to see that those words were ALL WRONG. But what did you do? Or say?

The truth tends to hold up a full-length mirror to your face, and then forces you to see yourself for who you really are. Do you like what you see? Is the person staring back at you someone you’d like to have on your TEAM? Having money in your pocket does not make you a man. And allowing someone to degrade and insult and humiliate someone else while you and your manhood stand by silently, definitely DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GENTLEMAN.

There’s one thing that I know FOR A FACT. When I lay my head down at night, I sleep soundly knowing that I’ve treated others with as much respect as I, myself, would like to be given. It’s certainly now how I’ve been treated, but most definitely how I want to be treated. My mother taught me that.

I used to think my mother was a very passive person. A pushover. She allowed people to say and do things to her that were completely uncalled for, and then she would just walk away without even another word. Only recently have I fully begun to understood that my mother possessed more strength than I ever could have known. She walked away from what was bad.

It is insanely easy to just use hateful words to tear someone down when you feel cornered or confused. Of course, lying also seems to cum naturally for most people. Although, not my vice. But hate is not what we were made to do. And it’s certainly not something that I feel comfortable doing, so I just choose not to.

When you strike out at someone with angry words, know that those wounds last far, far longer than any strike or stripe could ever make. I’ve learned over the years to not allow simple words to affect me, because I know them to be untrue. You see, I was the chubby nerd growing up who worried about what everyone thought about me. Until I saw firsthand that people strike out at others when they themselves feel hurt.

If you’ve cared enough to notice, I don’t call people names. You would probably feel very surprised to know that it’s just a habit, and, after awhile, it’s not that hard at all. A long time ago I realized that the hateful words swimming in my head daily were long ago taunts from my childhood. Whether that pain was caused me intentionally or not, it hurt none the less. So, I learned to ignore bullshit statements. I may hear what you say, but I don’t believe a word of it. I know better. I know who I am. And I know that I am strong enough and tough enough to not allow a few insults to go to my head.

This is how I know that my life is honest. Not because I strive to tell the truth with every single word spoken from my lips. But because I honestly do my best to cause no harm to cum to others. I can already see the wasted opportunities that those hateful words cost me in yesteryear. I refuse to allow them to hold me back any longer. It doesn’t make me a better person, but it definitely makes me a whole lot stronger. Words hurt. But only if they are honest.

Maybe when you see people being evil to each other, you think “that shouldn’t happen”. Perhaps you just don’t want to get involved for fear that… What? The words might rub off on you?? Whatever the reason, you’re a pussy. No, seriously. When you see an attack happening, whether it be by hand or by mouth, and you do nothing to stop it… YOU ARE A PANSY AZZ. I’ve spent my whole life fighting bullies and perverts. I just would never have believed a group of men would pussy out before I would.

So sit back, scroll through those forums, get your gossip on, boys. If you think I’m offended, you’re wrong. I don’t hate the kids that stand around and laugh while another is pummeled half to death with lies. They are the reason for the creation of the little yellow bus. Indeed. I feel sorry for them.

Of course, someone who doesn’t stick up for themselves can’t help stick up for me. Trust me. If anyone should have liked to help, I certainly hope it’s someone who can handle themselves. I want someone who stands up for what’s right. He wouldn’t just watch someone being beaten down and say nothing. How very unmanly of him.

I think that men forgot what being a man is about. Superman’s not the only one who helps others. If I can, you definitely have the ability to. And if you are anything like me, you don’t hurt intentionally. So, when you see me being hurt and look away, AND I still refuse to sink to the same level… Well, YOU COULD FUCKIN HELP..

I Stand Alone. But that’s cool, because I’m not attracted to pussies anyway.


4 Replies to “Attractive Pussies”

    1. Uhm I don’t recall you hurting me? Honestly the worst you could argue I’ve suffered is a need to explain away my blushing at work. That said I’ll hate to see your blog go, it’s made working through the night alot more pleasant, but well you gotta do whats best for you.

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