Friendly Competition

Well, hello there, friends. Oh… The life of an escort. I begin each morning stumbling around, as if half drunk, bumping into everything in sight. Dropping, almost, everything I touch. I always want more sleep. Maybe the clumsiness is due to the fact that I’m only wearing one contact right now.

Whatever the reason, I spend the brewing time picking up the mess I just made trying to get to the coffee pot, and rubbing any bruise that I just received along the way. (I’m clumsy as shit in the a.m.)

Coffee in hand, I sit at my computer and begin the only real work my job entails. No matter what time I wake up, whether it be 6 a.m. or 6 p.m., there is so much to do.

First, I check my text messages. This can often take quite a bit of time, depending on how long I’ve been asleep. (Some of you realize firsthand how true this is.)

After texts, onto my email. That definitely can take awhile. I receive messages from BP still, even though I rarely post ads there anymore.

Of course, anyone visiting my website can immediately get to me through the email link on there. So, there’s always a couple of those. I shuffle through them, and it’s time for another cup of coffee.

Now, I’m going to the website where I prefer to spend most of my time. Wow! Six messages! You’d think I wasn’t even around yesterday. Sometimes, I do go to bed early. Last night, I believe it was about 7pm. So, all of these must have cum after that.

I have an account with another website that gets a wee bit of traffic. I’m headed there next. It’s a much quieter site, used mostly for verification more than anything. It doesn’t offer a forum. So, that takes all of 60 seconds.

Now, onto the fun. I sift through the seven or eight different sections in the forum available on my primary website, eyes peeled for any new or interesting info. I love to look at the other providers’ showcases and pictures. It’s interesting to see how often they change it up.

I am happy to be part of the reason that some of the girls have begun updating and displaying new pics more often than usual. (Usual being, like NEVER.) Of course. You’re welcome. I’m not sure why so few did this before, but I, too, enjoy looking at new sexy pix of chix.

I also like to read their ads. Oh, yes. I definitely like to read their ads. Why? Mostly, because a few of them have a bad habit of copying my wording or phrases. (Shit! I don’t know why!)

You can tell how much work an escort is truly putting in, by how well her ad has been written. Look… One sentence describing your state of horniness is probably not gonna be the girl putting in too much effort when rolling in the sheets with a new lover. But, that’s just my opinion.

One female loves to talk and talk and talk. Yet, rarely ever spells anything correctly. That’s including her name! Oh, I do so love reading her ads.

Down the forum a little further, and I check to see if there are any new reviews. Of course, I love to see reviews of me, but I also like to read the reviews of others. 

As a provider, I only get to see part of the review with the physical description. So, it’s really not that much info. But, you can kind of get a feel for the accompanying experience.

I like to know that our gents are having a good time, and, I am always a bit surprised when I read that someone has experienced quite the opposite. I feel more up to date, at that point. Like, if I were to go see an escort, I would be able to choose more wisely.

And, look, I found time today for you. You can’t believe how excited I am to be writing again! I’ve missed y’all so much!

Yes. I should be doing my nails right now. I’m always reading about how impressed fellas are when a female opens the door dressed to go out (I still have NO idea why they would do this), with their nails all long and painted.

Well, I don’t get out much, as you know, so I choose to do mine myself. Meaning… I don’t do them very often. But, today, I’ll put that aside so that I’ll have a little time for ya’ll. Eek. Here goes…

Okay, here’s what’s really on the mind of Masterhead.

I have this girlfriend. A sweet girl. Young. I helped her get started on the website I prefer to use primarily. I just hoisted her right past CL and BP, using my reputation to get her in with the big boys at my favorite site.

I made her an email account and a showcase. I took some pictures of her, and even created her a business website.I began including her in my ads as a doubles partner, offering threesomes at my home. I figured that was the best way to get her the reviews she needed to become a member of the website I like to call home. And, indeed, it was.

Well, that’s kind of where it really ends, isn’t it? I mean, at what point does someone take over their own financial situation? When do they take the reigns and allow me to return to the handling of my own business?

I realize that she’s very young, but I just assumed she would see how much work I was taking on by helping her, and, at the very least, would assist me with my home. Or, perhaps, the mounds of laundry produced from dates (we’re talking a shitload of towels, wash rags, and sheets).

I never even suggested that she should assist me in anyway financially. In fact, I was cutting my income almost in half just from doing doubles with her. And, it definitely reduced the amount of time I had available for solo sessions.

I really just wanted to help somebody. I wanted to see someone else, someone like me, in the business. I knew she enjoyed sex and could use the help, and I couldn’t think of anyone I knew who could use the financial assistance anymore than she could. The truth is, I just don’t have that many girlfriends. Sorry, fellas.

I truly felt that I had a lot of knowledge that could help her stay away from some of the pitfalls I’ve experienced over the years in this business. Unfortunately, I suppose she’s just not that much of a listener. Or… Perhaps, she’s just not that interested. I don’t know.

In fact, in the end, it really just left me feeling really unappreciated. I just wanted to help. I think she would have preferred me just doing everything for her myself.

We must have had, at least, a half dozen (if not, many more) threesomes together, and she still doesn’t own a phone! At one point, I even gave her MY OWN MONEY to go purchase a cell phone with. She returned with my cash and a crappy excuse. I just didn’t get it. But, then… Something very monumental happened.

Okay… So, there’s this guy. He attempted to set an appointment with me back in 2016, right after I just moved into my ratty new (old) apartment. He didn’t give me a whole lot of notice that day, and I was unable to accomodate him.

Since then, we have scheduled and broken at least a dozen dates, for whatever reason. It really seemed that everytime we were to meet, things just always went WAY wrong. This happened so many times, that I began to look at him a little differently.

You see, he has an ATF (all time favorite) provider, and she DEFINITELY doesn’t like me. In fact, after our beef this past year, I’m 100% positive he’s heard nothing but negative things about me more than a few times. So… Why me? Why… still try?

He swears it’s because he is in search of the perfect blow job, but I’ve never had this much trouble seeing somebody.

The last time we were supposed to meet, I actually overslept a little, causing me to rush around crazily, even injuring myself greatly several times before I ever even made it to the door. I was so late, of course, I found he had already left by then.
There I stood, just a battered and bruised mess with three splinters in my finger. (Probably better that he DIDN’T show that day.)

So, It’s some kind of an omen. Right? I mean, by now, that’s what I’m thinking. We just weren’t meant to actually meet. It was clear to me that there were forces against it.

The other night, we attempted again. Only, this time, my girlfriend is here. Now, I have waited for this date for so long to finally prove to this fella that I’m the best mouth in the South. After everything, I wasn’t too sure another pair of lips assisting me would be beneficial in this situation.

But, there she was, posted up. Like usual, on my couch. She knew about the date, yet she never made a move to call a ride (would have to be from my phone, anyway). Nor did she make a move to cum up with a different plan for the time I would be entertaining him. Finally, I ask her… “What’s up? What are your plans for my date?”

She shrugged her shoulders. Really? It was like twenty minutes before his arrival, and I get a shrug.

She knew how nervous I was about meeting him, and nothing? It was definitely too late to call a ride unless I paid for a cab. Still, they probably could not arrive in time.

I could just picture him walking through my front door and seeing her vegging on my couch. He would wonder why I hadn’t invited her, and would probably do so, himself, then.

Damnit. Well, then. She definitely needed a damn shower. Of course, as soon as I asked, they both heartily agreed to her joining in. Yay for me.

When he arrived, I took him to the room for a few moments alone beforehand. Just to feel out the situation and to explain some of my past misgivings. We warmed up to each other immediately.

But, I couldn’t wait to have him in my mouth.I spent a few minutes licking his cock slowly, getting him prepared for his BEST BLOWJOB EVER. Then, I invited her to join us in the room.

With all of the info she already had on this particular situation, AND the MANY times I’d discussed him with her personally… The last thing I could have expected, actually ended up happening. 

My jaw dropped as she jumped up onto the bed and began sucking him down like a common street whore. It was almost like she had 3 minutes and was running late.

Look, this blowjob might win awards, but at the rate she was going, it would only be medals for the fastest nut ever produced. I was completely stunned into silence. I tried to forsee the easiest way of turning this experience back around and managing it at the correct speed. Surely, if I didn’t do something right now, he’d be gone in the next 60 seconds.

Before I could move to retrieve his overworked member, he began to moan… loudly. I mean REALLY MOAN. Like it truly was the best head he had ever received.

Okay. I admit it. My emotions totally overcame me. I just got up and left the room. It was obvious from his very vocal approval of her speed workout on his cock, that this man would never even be able to recognize the best head ever. He had no clue. He should have been the one to stop her and tell her to slow down. Several had before. Why hadn’t he?

And… Hold up. What the fuck was going on? She’s never, EVER just starting sucking someone’s dick like that in front of me. She had been a little quicker when she first began doing doubles with me, but NEVER like this. It was almost as if she was trying to win some competition or something. Ahhhhhhhh…

I left the room, and allowed them to finish. He was done less than 5 minutes later. She counted her money right there in front of me, after closing the door behind him.

Sadly, until writing this, I didn’t understand what had happened. I blamed my sensitivity for the experience. Telling ya’lI about it just opened up my eyes. I would like to comment further, but I’m rather upset at the moment. I can’t believe this didn’t occur to me earlier.

You know, I can sure be a dumbass sometimes. Later, friends. I have much to consider.


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