Men can hurt too…

Karma… Such an interesting subject. So much so that I’ve discussed it before. I’ve always felt like I would be on the good side of karma because I don’t do wrong to others. Or at least, I try my best not to. However, I’m not sure anymore.

Last night, I spent alone with my puppy. We were trashed and snoozing on the couch, peaceful and alone. About midnight, there was a knock. It was the two young friends of my son’s that I had fed before when they were hungry. But it was way too late for them to be knocking on my door. So, I probably was quite a bit irritated. My purpose for opening the door was to cuss them out.

Note: I do not usually leave my door unchained at night. I’m not sure why it was unchained at this time. I guess I thought it would be rude to cuss them through the chain. So, for whatever reason, there was no chain top protect me. Nothing to keep anyone out. They very easily made their way in with violence.

First, I was pushed to the ground, and a belt was placed on both of my hands and put behind my back. Of course, I fought. Probably the stupidest thing I could have done. He just kept hitting me and hitting me in the face. The other was quickly overturning everything I own looking for my rent money. They definitely got my laptop, phones and, most importantly, my 420. But whatever. They definitely A DID NOT get what they came for. At least, I thought…

One of them, whom I’ve actually mentioned fondly in a post before, was 20 years old. The other, only 15. He screamed at me, “Where’s the fuckin money?” When I wouldn’t give it up and told them that I didn’t have any, he took to kicking me while the other continued to beat my head trying to secure the belt around my hands.

I screamed. God, did I scream. Be he just kept hitting me and hitting me. I won’t finish the story with all the gory brutality of my experience, but I will tell you this… At the end, when they thought I’d passed out ( or possibly even dead), I was told repeatedly that this was my Karma.

Karma? But I don’t do harm to others. How could this be Karma? I thought Karma was good if you were good and fucked you up if you were bad. So, you mean to say that Karma doesn’t exist? I mean, how could it if this could happen to me?


7 Replies to “Men can hurt too…”

  1. I am glad to hear you are ok. I really wish you would catch a break in life. Having only met you one time and reading your blog, I feel like I know you fairly well. You seem like a very likable caring person that hasn’t deserved 1/3 of the bad things that have happened to you in your life. I know your lifestyle probably contributes to some of the problems you have experienced, but that is no excuse for anyone to treat you the way they do. You do know that there are those of us that care for you out here. You are not alone. If you need any help with anything let me know. I will do what I can to help.

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  2. 😳 wow!! So happy 😁 you live to tell this story..
    gosh.. these damn stupid kids..
    hope you don’t suffer any long term effects from all that kicking and head banging…
    please make sure that chain is always secured next time..


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