Raunchy Read

Hello again my friends. Time for a new naughty read from my past. It’s a mix of real life experiences and part of one of my favorite fantasies. The ending was the first of it’s kind for me. Over the years, though, it has been established as my preferred style. Please… ENJOY!


I knew from the moment that I first saw him that we were going to make a good match. He had this look in his crystal blue eyes that screamed “freak”. I recognized it, because my own blue eyes sing the same tune.

The blonde haughty chick hanging on his arm continued to talk and flip her hair, but he and I had a silent conversation going. The corner of his mouth turned up in a sly grin when I licked my full lips and turned slowly on the stool. Now, he could see the light brown curls cascading all the way down my back to my nicely rounded ass. His eyes fixed upon the swell of my large nipples, now pressing against the delicate fabric of my blouse. 

Turning again, I crossed my long legs so he could get an eye-full of me bared from ankle to hip. The skirt I wore was short and flirty, and I was already well aware of how it looked against my tanned thighs. Now, I had his complete attention. I drained the rest of my drink and left the bar, making sure to walk directly in front of his table on my way outside.

The patio was pretty dark and practically empty. I didn’t have to wait long before I felt a warmth press firmly against my backside and an arm encircle my waist. 

His breath was warm in my ear as he whispered, “want some company?” I gazed up over my shoulder and into those sexy eyes, now, staring back into mine. I reached back and bent his head down to kiss my neck. My back arched slightly, and he was able to feel how good my ass felt against his crotch. He raised my skirt and placed both of his hands on my g-stringed cheeks. He mumbled something appreciatively and turned me to face him.

Oh, his lips were soft and held the hint of a sweet liquor. I licked them, then opened my own to his exploring tongue. It was a passionate kiss, and I felt my body slowly melt against his, all while he continued to stroke and squeeze my ass. Damn! He was an amazing kisser. 

I ran my hands through his dark hair and began to grind on him suggestively while I nibbled at his bottom lip. I could feel him begin to swell against me. He guided me until my back was flat with the concrete wall and we were pressed firmly together.

The kiss was broken as he pushed away and knelt to remove my panties. When he returned, his eyes never left mine as I felt his fingers trace the slit of my hairless snatch. He smiled in a devilish way when he found my clit and began to rub it teasingly. I was mortified as his finger then slipped between my moist lips and was inserted in me up to the knuckle. 

Suddenly, his face became serious and he watched the emotion in my wide eyes. I rocked slightly forward onto his hand, enjoying the sensation of him within me. He was already quit pleased with my selection. He was turning out to be so much fun.

I reached out to touch the swell in his jeans. With a little effort, his zipper came down and his warm flesh fell into the palm of my hand. A newfound wetness appeared between my legs as I began stroking his stiff cock. I smiled to show how pleased I was at what he had brought to the party. 

His mouth covered mine. I sucked at his lips hungrily. I wanted to bend down and take him into my mouth. I wanted to feel every inch of his juicy flesh with my tongue, but I still heard voices somewhere nearby.

He seemed to understand my disappointed look, because he quickly ushered me over to one of the outdoor benches. His pants were suddenly down slightly, then he took a seat. My eyes lit up with delight. I gave him one last kiss before I turned away and sat down over his lap. 

His cock, so hard in my hand, slid into my wet snatch, yet I remained suspended just above him. Perhaps, just to be able to tease him finally. By wigglng slightly, I was able to satisfy and torment myself all at the same time. His hands suddenly grabbed my hips and pulled me hard upon him. 

My God! I was numb! The unexpectedness and loss of control had caught me off guard and left me breathless. I found myself lost in a sea of ecstasy. His cock was so deep within me. I bit my bottom lip to keep from crying out.

I don’t recall who began the motion. I just know that a rhythm had somehow been established, and I was rocking my hips back and forth on top of him. Delicious. That’s what his dick felt like inside of me. So fucking good. 

He dropped a hand over my hip and beneath my skirt right in front of my very eyes. Someone seemed to be staring across from us, so I held my face as still as possible as I relented to the torment of him rubbing my own wetness around my now swollen clit. I closed my eyes to the scenery; and the people; and the world beyond the amazing sensations burning up through my entire body. As our tempo increased, he began guiding me closer and closer to complete abandon. Then it hit me. 

On the outside, I must have looked stunned and still. But on the inside, the walls of my vagina were convulsing repeatedly on his cock with my orgasm. I shuddered and fell back onto his chest. He thrust up with his hips twice or so more, then he began spilling his juices deep inside of me. The act brought on another small orgasm deep within. The bliss of it was overwhelming.

I felt him slowly go limp and slip out of my now dripping snatch. I tried to stand, but found my legs shaky and trembling. I had to sit back down next to him. He fastened his pants then stood before me, not speaking.

Ready to break the silence, I looked up to find his eyes shadowed in confusion. I was going to ask why when a long red nailed hand snaked around his waist. It was attached to the blonde he was with earlier. Who, upon seeing me whined “honey, I’m ready to go home.” 

He winked at me. Then he walked away.


4 Replies to “Raunchy Read”

  1. Quite the enjoyable read, liked the ending there. Kinda curious if that was the wife watching, some lucky stranger, or maybe something more going on. 😀

    My only real critique (if you wouldn’t mind) would be work on the presentation of the conflict of emotions being displayed moment to moment. There is alot you can do with the slide from one state to another with a character or highlighting conflict between two emotions happening at once.

    Liked by 2 people

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