The MAN and the olive branch

Let’s catch ya’ll up.  Wow!  What a fucking week!  Where the fuck to begin?  (If the expletives offend you, this might not be YOUR day darlin.) Look, when a situation is able to zap the sex drive from my entire body… I’d consider that shit a catastrophe!  Life is fucked up enough!  I need my fuckin O’s!  But, I fucked up.  Hey, I’m fucked up and occasionally, i do fuck up. It most definitely happens.  But it’s never intentional or mean-hearted in any way.  I am not that bitch.  So, in shock, I came upon the chat where different people (who DO NOT FUCKIN KNOW ME) were discussing why I stood certain nakedguy up! You shitting me?  Just offering their own two cents on my life and the psychology behind my decision making process.  (Okay, perhaps not the exact words right there. Lol.)

The very first email in my inbox was from a moderator of our panhandle forums.  He thought me too sensitive (I get this), and stated that if I didn’t create a new showcase… I “must not be a world-class provider.” Ooh, them judgements are quick, arent they?! Is it just me or is this MAN a bunch of fuckin men? I’ve never felt so crushed. Now… give into the Bullshit and create a new profile.? Or move on, pride somewhat intact?

So… At this moment, I am folding clean clothes and jammin, and thinkin…  What would you do?  Seriously.  I need to be decided soon.  My rent is due in two days.  Gotta do something.


7 Replies to “The MAN and the olive branch”

  1. Hrm, afraid this particular situation is pretty far out of my depths (of experience 😛 ). From what fuzzy bit I know about business over the interwebs though, I’d say you don’t need to get -too- attached to one avenue of money generation. Guess what I’m saying is, maybe explore some backup ways to make money till the busybody brigade move on? Two days though, that sucks…

    As for the poor left alone naked guy, yeah I agree. Shit happens, people need to understand that. Too bad he probably wasn’t one of those neglect-play guys. :/


  2. If it makes you feel better I also got a lot of flak from members because I “ran you off.” If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have offended you and you would still be a happy camper. I hate that this happened but please take into consideration I was so looking forward to meeting you and then disappointed not once, but twice. And no real explanation that made sense. If I had hired some girl from backpage or whatever and she was a no show I wouldn’t have given a shit. But you are not that girl. I hope you’ll reconsider and come back. I don’t think I said anything mean in my review, and I don’t harbor any ill feelings. Like I told you, I took this too personal when I shouldn’t have. You’ve now got four awesome reviews. I’d like to add another to them. As far as you finding competing with young girls difficult, give me a break. You are beyond gorgeous and there are many of us older guys who don’t want some kid; we want a real woman–like you.

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