See Lixx for an Amazing Fixx

Well, the LANEY LIXX Showcase is back up.  Did anyone already figure that?  So, I haven’t talked about anything juicy for awhile.  Lemme tell ya about this hottie offshore fella from yesterday.  Very Hot!!!

He was sexy and round and in desperate need of a need-relieving friend.  (That’s me!)  I rubbed my body against him and licked one of his nipples.  I asked him a couple of questions.  Seems he totally enjoys reading my blog.  He tells me the squirting really turned him on.  So, I took a vibrator and gave him a sexy shower show!  

IT DID TURN HIM ON!  He watched me while stroking his cock lovingly.  Finally, he walked around to where I had laid my long thick hair over the edge of the bed and dropped himself directly into my mouth.  He was swollen, super hard and ready.  I took him onto my tongue and he exploded into my mouth.  A full load, I can attest to this.  Delicious!  I licked the last drop from him and smiled.  Naughty naughty, loud and haughty!

So, listen.  That was amazing.  Just using my toy to make myself cum and shower the entire bed with my orgasm.  I’m just super psyched about a new idea.  What do you think about me offering just a Super Sexy Shower Show for a special rate?  You think they’d wanna see that?  Hmmmm…  Well, I’m horny as hell so…  Looks like I’m going back to work people!


2 Replies to “See Lixx for an Amazing Fixx”

  1. Is it bad that my brain went from squirt show to squirt show, galagher style? And then a debate over the merit of a raincoat if I was in the “front” row for that? Hmmm…

    But to your question, I’d go to such a show (if I had spare money, ha!). Never actually seen a woman squirt before in person. Sounds both hot as hell… and frankly pretty neat. 😛

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