Power from Behind… 

Alright! Let’s talk. Real shit. Is it just me, or is every man over the age of 40 into having his booty hole played with? I’ve even known a few that are far far below the age of 40. There definitely must be something amazing to it. Not necessarily something that they feel they’ve lost. Perhaps something that they just didn’t know was ever missing.

In the beginning, I was a little shy on the subject. I had some very boisterous ex-boyfriends and one VERY experimental fiance… Anyhow, on all occasions they began as worshipers of me, but before all was said and done…  they’re booty-worshiping ways would always manifest and grow all too quickly into an inferno much hotter than our desire for each other had ever been. 

So… yes I’ve certainly worn an occasional strap-on to get my man off.  It just became an extension of my passion. And what a thrill! What an absolutely intoxicating experience to fuck another human being! To drive within that sensitive flesh until they are nothing but a spasming orgasmic blur beneath me…. Argh!!!! 

There is something so animalistic in giving in to that deep throbbing passion that lives so deeply hidden in our psyche. Indeed,  my naughtiest of pleasures leads me to more than a few sets of multiple o’s (even if only through fantasies via the absolutely illegal porn I so enjoy) AT LEAST once a week.  Delicious I tell you!. And as my desires grew more perverse over time,  so also has my respect for those that choose to indulge in their own without hurting others. 

It is quite often that I entertain a “friend” or two that feels that dark urge  to be filled- to be taken- to be loved from deep within. And over time,  a strong bond of trust and non-judgment is formed.  To my wonder and awe there have been many such occasions that I have found myself deemed worthy enough of their trust to be given the power of violating them in the most tender of ways.  And for this opportunity to be the aggressor,  the  dominator,  the sensual master of their carnal desires… I find myself truly humbled 

And my panties totally drenched. 


Harder than a lil Rock??? IMPOSSIBLE!

Okay…where to begin. Alright. First off…WOW! You’ll never believe who came over last night and dicked me down like the true southern slut I am. None other than that chiseled Rock of mine. We were way up close and dangerously personal. Oh…how lucky am I to be given another tryst with mister tall, tan, and gorgeous himself? I am still thanking the cottony clouds above as I type this. Okay, maybe not at this precise moment. Hey! Hotel rooms aren’t really condusive to a cheerfully lit ambience from the outside, that’s for sure. And my room, in paticular, tends to remind one of a staunch black and occer scene from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (Or some equally wet to the bones type gray shaded movie set. Bats included. Of course.) Only the best….

His smile dazzles me every single time. What a looker. Most attractive guys have a somber look…like they want you to look, but truly don’t give a shit if you do or not. Not Rock! Super sexy! Super friendly! Super kissable! Super-duper delicious!!! 

Oh, my sexy paramour fucked me so good. Then i fucked him so good. It was an entire night FULL of new explorations. I tasted him. He ate me whole! It was intense and amazing, and I miss him already. No-one has fulfilled me like he can. I’d be a knotch in his belt loop anyday! 



​So, my date tonight just cancelled. Hey, at least he called. There’s nothing worse than shaving, carefully applying make-up, slithering into my teeny tiny panties, and then spending the next three hours watching the door. Truthfully, it happens more than I’d like to admit.

So I’m wondering… What should I do with my time? I definitely could be cleaning. I’d rather just finish Archer on Netflix. But, damnit, I’m fuckin horny. Hey, I haven’t watched any really raunchy porn in awhile. It’s immediately settled. I’ll watch a little show. I’ll just amuse myself for a little bit.

I’m embarrassed to admit that the type of porn that actually turns me on and gets me hot is anything taboo. And I do mean ANYTHING taboo. Okay, except for poop. I’m definitely NOT into poop. Hey, but if you really really want me to, I’ll pee on you. I’m not afraid to put a little pee pee on your face if that’s what gets you of f darlin. LOL. Hell, I could go pee right now. I ponder on mini little yellow dollar signs now mixing with the water in my toilet. Such a waste.

With the nagging pee urgency now no longer a consideration, I type in the call letters of my favorite freaky porn site. It’s probably not legal for me to tell you what it is, so let’s just say it’s bizarre and it’s freaky and it’s porn and it’s .com. LOL. You can’t just go straight to it via Google that’s for sure. And that’s what I love about it. This site puts filth where the average person can reach it. Oh, and reaching it is only the beginning of my plans. I have a large silver box filled to the brim with a variety of vibrating thingies to keep any run-of-the-mill sex addict entertained. I hate to have to do this but I’ll have to finish this post a little later. My fingers are going to be very busy.

A Name…is a name…is a name…

​It’s true… I’ve been called a  Sex Goddess. There was even a time I was known as DaBeast. But overall, more people have known me as MasterHead. And it’s not just my name. Very early on I realized using my mouth to make someone orgasm was actually a gift. These lips have offered pleasure and release to many a lucky fellow. And more than a few ladies… No judgment is passed here. Actually…I kind of feel it is my duty to extract toe-curling orgasms from ANY man who finds himself in real need. I’m an escort for the welfare of The People. I could use a double S on my naked breasts in red lipstick to signify that I’m a Super Slut. Hey. Don’t laugh. I CHANGE LIVES! Lol.

Okay so maybe that sounds crazy. But it’s true. As a woman, I did not realize how many men out there are actually very insecure about themselves. Most of them don’t even have a reason to be that wait.  And there must be some misunderstanding out there  with men.  I overheard two discussing  the fact that all women really wanted was to meet a gorgeous guy with lots of money. Let me stop you right there! That’s just not true! What women really want is a man who’s stable and treats them like a queen… And is gorgeous. Oh… and he better be loaded with lots of money. Ahem. Wow. Guess they were right. Nawwww…

And who would have guessed that the experience of licking a man’s balls and tonguing his asshole could have the power to create extremely tight bonds between my ‘friends’ and I. Of course, I figured this fact out a VERY long time ago. Now that I think about it, I’d be willing to wager that the majority of my ‘friends’ would agree with me also.  ‘Wink’. ‘Wink’. But only because I’m right…

You need money to make money!!


All right folks! We’re back in business! I just went and bought an eBay card so i can trade it for a totally unequal amount of Bitcoin. That’s almost the only way you can get your name posted on the top of the list on frontsheet.com where all the escorts post. It’s that or use a credit card. Lol. Yeah right! At this rate I’m practically UNSTOPPABLE!  I write better posts than most of the other girls. My pictures are classy and super hot. And, most importantly…I LOVE WHAT I DO!! Actually, it’s pretty hard to compete with so many younger females. Perky tits and twerked up asses in just about every ad on there. But now I have the ability to get to the top of that list. Oh…I know how to attract attention. ‘wink’ wink’

Mr. Right Now

wp-1469708427986.jpgGood morning. Well, this morning I woke up in a wet so to bed. Amazing! I must have fallen asleep on my last date. Boy was that interesting. He was quite an odd looking fellow. however, he was very clean. And he was insatiable!

Okay so I got a couple of times who created puddle. Why did I wake up in a river! OMG! What did he do while I was passed out. LOL.

Okay so that might not have been the most exciting thing that happened to me yesterday. I think I met somebody. No, I mean, of course i met people…men. I mean that I think I met someone that could be special for me. Just for me.

He’s very handsome. He’s smooth and soft. Is a wonderful smile. And a fabulous attitude. And you must have gotten me off a million times. Something I love!

We hit it off very well. However, it really looks like he might be someone in a different class than me. A much better class than me. A very much higher class than me! Okay he looked rich. Whether he is or not does not matter. I wanted someone for myself for a very long time.

Perhaps I should think about this more. Why the prostitute as lonely as I am? Why would someone leave and get into the business? Okay perhaps I wasn’t all that long when I started. Or perhaps, just maybe, I was looking for love in all the wrong places. LOL.

Oooh, I sure hope this will turn into something. Or I hope that if this is meant to be then it will be. Class or station has nothing to do with it. At least, not for me. But maybe it does to him. What am I saying? He came to me. Of course it doesn’t matter to him or you wouldn’t have come. Am I right? I’m confused.
Please tell me I’m not like all the other girls. I always thought I was different. Do I really just want to have one guy in my life? Would I be happy like that? Can I make someone else happy? These are the questions. The answers….he’ll! who fuckin knows! Lol. On to the next fella…

Addicted to Rock

 Okay time to talk about Rock. So one of my dates one night was this guy named Rock. He didn’t seem overly confident. Although his pictures looked delicious. he seems super friendly. the donations seem to be no problem. I was skeptical. He came to my room just to pick me up. He said he had kids at home that were sleeping and he needed to get back to them. So, he wanted to meet up quickly and then take me to his place. I sort of understood, and I really needed the money, so I said “yes”.

Oh my God! He was gorgeous! And flattering. And loving. And kind. And friendly. And amazing. And he rode up in a huge fuckin truck! We rode out to the country. It took us about 45 minutes. His house was nice… not real big. Inside was immaculate. His room…not so much. But boy, did he show me a good time!

I know you want to know… Well, Rock was amazing. He wasn’t huge. He definitely wasn’t small. He was absolutely perfect! Okay, a little hairy, but absolutely perfect. It was wonderful. His bed ended up soaked. It was one of the best times I’ve ever had. Hevmade a joke when I first met him that I should try not to fall in love with him. Ha. Ha. As if. Ahem…

Okay. But it wasn’t love. It was definitely a big case of lust. And he kept in great touch with me. Almost every day sending pictures. And of course sweet little comments that made me feel special. But then it trailed off a little. He was Elusive at best. And invisible at worst. Every now and then I still send him a picture. Nude, of course. really just to see if he’s still interested. If he still thinks about me. He usually responds in a couple of days. of course, with flattering comments and sexual overtures. Oh… My Rock… Hmmmmm.

Who needs a man?

​The life of a working girl is a very lonely one. I may spend two or three hours a day working or following up on leads but the rest of the time I’m alone. I like to watch movies. So my Netflix account gets a real working over. LOL. However, what I wouldn’t do to have one man that is all of the things that I wish for.

Okay so it may sound crazy but yes I would love to have just one man. Someone who embodies all of the attributes that I think a man should possess. And, of course, he must also have the willpower and patience to put up with my ass. 

There are some men who possess most of the qualities that I would look for…if i was looking. But I’d have to combine those men to get those characteristics target purple chair all into one person. There’s always something missing. Either they’re very self-centered, greedy, unkind, or dishonest. If a man has any of those particular traits I am gone. Life is difficult enough. I don’t need a man with a lot of problems. So do to my strict regime, it looks like I’ll be lonely for a while. As long as I am able to take off my clothes and behave like a horny teenager pretty regularly, I could probably get by the rest of my life without a man. It’ll be a lonely one. But I will have a ton of fantastic naughty memories to feed off of when I’m old. if the good Lord willing, I’ll still be making em.

Losing Mr. Lush

Okay. . .so here’s what happened.

About 6 years ago when I first began “working”, I was in need of a ride pretty bad one night. So I posted an ad that said just that. The very first person to respond actually ended up being the one I chose.

He picked me up in an old red mustang that he was happy to show me could really fly. Yeah, through almost every caution and red light we encountered on the way to his house. This redneck was tore the fuck up! Beer seemed to be fused to the sweat beading off of his skin. 

His house was dark and quiet and quite cluttered. When we arrived, I totally made up for the ride he gave me with a ride of my own. And all was well until the front of his bed crashed to the floor. From then on his name in my contacts would be John Brokebed. It was one wild ride!

Over the years, we kept in touch. It was obvious immediately that Mr. Brokebed should have been more aptly named Mr. Lush. I’ve never had a conversation with him that wasn’t full of expletives and drunk stuttering. The later in the day  it was, the more intoxicated and hard of hearing he became. 

Here’s the thing though. . . that stinch of liquor and beer. . . those bloodshot eyes. . .that big red nose. . . these attributes are very familiar to me. My father and brother both are alcoholics. I grew up around men that were usually intoxicated if they weren’t at work. 

One night he sent me a message asking if he could spend the night. He was just too drunk to drive home. I wasn’t doing anything so, we made an agreement. Something or something plus 20. Depending on whether we did the do or not. At one point, he awoke and threw his leg over mine, trapping me in the bed next to his sweaty flesh. So I chose to kill two birds with one stone.  Unfortunately, Mr. Brokebed was unable to pay me until the following day. Usually there would be no question. I would NEVER allow a man to owe me. Let’s just be honest…when the juice has been pumped, the fruit experiences buyers’ remorse. Why that is, I don’t know.

Of course, you already know. He never showed up the next day. I sent him one message per day for the following four days without a reply. Finally he messages me about how things had come up. Oh…as soon as i put it down things came up. Yes. I realize this. Still…he did not set up a date to reimburse me.

After two weeks, he does finally message new offering me my due plus an additional ten bucks if he left “satisfied”. I was furious. What balls! But i did need the cash so i played along to get him over here. 

Don’t think he didn’t know what he was doing, because he asked me at least four times if I agreed to the original plus ten. I was quickly losing my patience. Yes! Yes! Just fuckin come on! 

Suddenly he starts going off about how he had offered me something or something plus twenty. Not that he agreed to the extra is naked play was involved. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! I’d finally had enough! 

I screenshot our original agreement and sent it to him. He laughed at me! Then came the rude and abusive comments. Ooh yea! He sealed his fate with those words. 


Who’s laughing now?

One, two, tittie..?

Oh…whoa is me. The life of a working girl is a tough one to lead. There’s just so many orgasms… so little time. It must seem like a dream job for some. It’s true. I probably only spend about 3 hours a day on emails and text and waiting on stand-ups. If I’m lucky, I may get an hour or two of intense sucking and fucking. But almost every other second of each and every day I spend alone. And there are definitely encounters that require extreme re-hydration and lots of rest before I could even think of screaming in ecstasy again. But those are actually the good days.

Today began as a good day. I mean, it seemed to have potential. I was stuck washing my delicate little g-strings in the tub then drying them in front of the massive air conditioner. I gotta have clean panties. Ooh what a life. Right?

My breakfast date left me a rather large tip that put me in a super good mood that even washing my panties  couldn’t touch. Breakfast on. Music high. It’s just my thing. Must suck to be my neighbor. Lol. It gets pretty loud in my hotel room quite often. I know i must have woken up a few vacationers when my breakfast date was going down on me. I smile. He was a very ‘good boy’. 

Damn! I just realized i have to wash the sheets too. I smile again. He got a faceful of my juices this morning. Yes, he was a very ‘good boy’