Dear Mason the Dixon

Your comment shocks me. It shocks me that you think that an act so intimate as sex should cum with NO feelings, whatsoever.

Everyone I fuck is given the opportunity of becoming my friend. Indeed, anyone I meet is, also. I have many different types of friends. Some closer than others.

I feel very sorry for you and the life that you now lead. A life that does not include the love and respect of others… FRIENDS.

You think that because I’m a whore I don’t deserve friendship. That is outrageous to me. But it says so much about YOU.

Almost two weeks, after my surgery, I had quite a scare. It would have been my fourth kidney failure. I went immediately to the emergency room in Alabama to the hospital that performed my surgeries two years ago.

To my friends, Mason the Dixon, YOU ARE NOT INCLUDED, I have some good news. For the past two years I have been sweating the determination I was given December 2015.

At that time, I was given the diagnosis of Erdheim Chester Disease. Look it up. It scared the fuck out of me.

I’ve been concerned about my kidney function ever since. At the time that I left the hospital it was 13% function in one kidney and 83% in the other. In essence, my kidneys aren’t doing so fucking good.

The emergency room visit answered so many questions for me. They immediately rushed me back and checked my kidneys.

Greatest news ever, they aren’t that much worse than when I left the hospital, two years ago. In essence, I ain’t dying yet! And the likelihood that the prognosis given to me of two to three years, then death, most likely, was wrong.

Of course, I’ve changed my habits quite a bit, also. I’m proud to say that, I believe, I have improved my health by a great deal with nutritious eatin, lots of sleep, and exercise. In fact, I’m living better, now, than I ever have, in my life, at any other age.

Unfortunately, they did tell me that I’m missing a disc between the L2 and L3 vertebrae in my back. That means that the majority of the pain that I thought was radiating from my kidneys was actually my disc obliterating itself to pieces.

And I have gallstones. But who gives a fuck about that right now.?? I’M GOING TO LIVE! I’m going to live to see my babies have babies! Mason the Dumbass, you can’t take this joy away from me.



6 Replies to “Dear Mason the Dixon”

  1. Laney, I am so sorry to hear of your problems. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    That was a great response to dickhead mason.
    I read his beyond rude comment to you. It’s obvious he has no soul, no compassion for others or friends. Unless they are just like his misable useless self.
    It doesn’t matter what you are or do, you are still a human with feelings and did mot deserve such nasty comments.
    Mason may be another female that is jealous of you and your beauty. No real man would say something like that to another person.
    Laney I have not met you yet but I already like you.
    Stay strong lady.
    Mason. Eat shit and burn in hell.

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