suck meter
After just having surgery, the lack of support has been amazing to me. Thanks, friends. I have received your hint and have, finally, turned my phone off. Guess I’ll get back to you when my services are available.

BTW: Thanks again…friends.


13 Replies to “Sucking”

  1. Laney you know I’ve been checking on you via pm on Eccie. I’m glad you are doing better and I’ll see you on Sat. Lots of love and wet lixxs for you and your kitty.

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          1. Eh, they started out claiming to be a free speech site but they’ve since gotten very … aggressive with throttling or outright banning folks who like things they don’t. Some of it is admin, some of it is the fact they have volunteer mods with their own agendas. I like the site well enough, but I’ll wait for anyone to start their own flavor of MInds before I get back into it.

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