Bare Back

Okay. I get it. I finally get it. I’m pretty much in this thing alone. Shit! How the fuck did this happen??

Somewhere along the winding road of life, I’ve deterred into unknown territory. While my senses are awakened and set afire, I’ve become engulfed in a sea of sharks out to devour my flame.

Why mine? Why me?? It seems clear. I DO NOT fit in here. I’m needed, but not WANTED. Interesting environment to continue to thrive in, I’d say. More amazingly, I’ve actually flourished here.

Well… HA! Fuck Ya’ll Haters! Okay, so, maybe I shouldn’t be here. Perhaps I’m actually missing from some gigantic orgy of trembling flesh. Not in the midst of actual flesh peddlers.

But, I’m fuckin here! So, GET USED TO IT, bitches! Looks like this business needs to be brought back to it’s roots. Back, so far back, when whores were truly just fancy sluts. HEY! I’M A FANCY SLUT!!

And, I am on the hunt for others, like myself. Girls with natural sensuality and a desire difficult to contain. They wore little clothes, because they were more comfortable without them. Ladies of the evening who seemed to never sleep, unless a few stolen moments on the chest of some lucky late night visitor.

They never worked, because fuckin was never just a job to them. They worshipped cock and were rewarded with adoration by all suitors. Their skills were honed by experience, delicious and deafening. They held a rank far above girlfriend and far West of wife. Time ceased to move in their lovin arms, all troubles momentarily erased.

Yes. Things have certainly changed. Well, I’m not done, people. They can make me the fool or butt of their jokes. Whichever best floats their boat. I’m hoping to find these females, few or many, and introduce them to my very orgasmic world. Here, a lady benefits from being EXACTLY the feminine fox she was born to be. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you FAKE IT, beware. Me and my newly discovered army of sluts are cummin for that orgy ya’ll didn’t wanna discuss. Guess we’ll see ya’ll there? LOLOL. Yeah right.

Shit. I might just be alone. Hello. Party of one. No worries.



25 Replies to “Bare Back”

  1. I’m alone in a church full of people. Everyone bowing, kneeling, saying grace.
    I stand there evolved, graceful, alone.

    I’m with you. We’ll walk side by side, on parallel roads, and never see each other.

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  2. Reading your blog is almost as good as talking to you in person. Well, no, actually it isn’t, not at all……but it’s still pretty damn good.
    Ladies like you describe so eloquently and accurately do exist, you are not the only one that I’ve run across in my years as a consumer of sex as a free enterprise. I’ve found 3 or 4 others that I can think of over 25+ years. So no, you are not alone, but you are, without a doubt at the top of that particular group, at least in my experience.
    LA Man is spot on. The haters are good for you, in only one way. They are a mirror through which you can see the reflection that your presence has on the local market as a whole. Those who hate are most often those who feel threatened or minimized by the person or persons that they hate. Since they don;t practice the brutal honesty that truly defines you, they react the only why they understand how to.
    As you probably know already, your wit, intelligence and up-front personality are a huge part of the reason that I keep coming back again and again. Not the only reason, not by a long shot, but it’s probably a bigger percentage than you think.
    If you are able to recruit your “Army of Sluts”, I humbly offer my services as training and quality control officer….. LOL Free of charge……
    As I always tell you dear, don’t change a thing. Just keep being you because you are freaking AWESOME at that!!!

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  3. There’s not that many girls that I know that love cock like you.
    And that’s what makes it hotter

    My dick is always hard just thinking about how naughty you are.

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  4. Ahhh finally a new post, knew you would post again at some point!

    Jealousy drives haters. Be glad you have haters, it means they can’t figure out how to be you and surely not better than you.

    A slow time of year and your time is still obviously being sought by gentlemen, that is fueling the haters. So laugh at them and enjoy your passion!

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  5. Should you find your slut army, I restate my payperview worlds best bj compititon idea. 🙂
    Also, seeing Fancy Sluts in all caps for some reason pit a rather humerous image in my head. dearly needed it this week so thanks for that. -snicker-

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