Nobel Deeds

chemistry_4c1765f473811I’ve been tryin to tell ya’ll. That chemistry thang… Well, it’s kinda tricky. Ain’t it? It either IS or ISN’T. Period. The end.

I just recently found myself having this EXACT SAME conversation with… Let’s just say, a new friend. Only moments after meeting face to face, it was all too evident the truth of it all. It’s existence was all too apparent by it’s sheer absence on this particular occasion. He couldn’t deny it, either. I certainly never would. There just was just, absolutely, NO CHEMISTRY, whatsoever, between us.

Oh, he was quite attractive, and he didn’t smell or anything. It just… Wasn’t there. As hot as we both may have been upon entering the room, no true lust was ever exchanged before leaving it. I told ya. You just can’t fake it, people.

Now, yesterday, I enjoyed an INTENSELY chemical reaction of cosmic proportions. There was no doubt the attraction was great, from the very beginning. Okay. Perhaps not from the very, VERY beginning. (He kinda sounded like a snob on the phone. Shit. My bad.)

Thank God, I went with my most basic instincts on this one, or I might have not even taken the chance. Cum to find out, our chemistry was off the charts, and the attraction was absolutely palpable. I found myself flirting with him like a schoolgirl, whispering naughty nothings in his ear over a quiet lunch at the Bonefish Grill (my first ever). He turned me on. Plain and simple.

Oh, I’d love to say it had more to do with some sort of a decision, but, I’d be totally lying. I didn’t decide shit. It was that attraction; that invisible, purely physical response to the other’s presence. It can’t be seen or fully explained, but, I can, most assuredly, relate to you now, IT DOES EXIST and IF IT’S THERE, YOU’LL KNOW IT.

You’ll feel it. Just as wonderfully as I, myself, did about a million times after yesterday’s meal. Okay. Maybe not A MILLION times, but surely, like, a good ten, at least, from my perspective. Surely, this dark-haired, southern gentleman, with the devilish grin, put so many fucking fabulous O’s on me that I found myself totally dehydrated and thoroughly exhausted, following our little tryst. (Have you ever been so fuckin tired that you couldn’t quite go to sleep, yet, you just couldn’t keep your eyes open?? Now, ya feel me!)

There were so many different levels of stimulation with this man. From conversation to body language to the passion in his kiss. I loved the way he fucked my face. And nothing felt better than cumming all into the palm of his hand. I couldn’t explain it anymore before, than I can, now, hours after his departure.

I’m just not gonna bring it up again. I’m just sayin, I just really think that maybe there should be, like, a Nobel Prize in this for me. Or something. Sure, a few scientists have spoken of the laws that encompass attraction, but have they gone so far as to actually PROVE these findings? I think not. (I think I should google before I make such bold statements publicly.) Have they put in the documented field work? That’s all I’m askin.

MasterHead69 should, TOTALLY, get some kind of an award for all of the volunteer work (okay, maybe that’s pushing it, but I do ask for donations…), hard learned experimentation (hard, alright), and many, many late nights I’ve dedicated to this area of study. Wouldn’t that, kinda, make me, like, a humanitarian. Huh? (Where IS my dictionary??)

Perhaps, I’m embellishing just a bit, but, most certainly, I AM giving back to the community, people. I’m giving back, daily. I’m making people happy, putting smiles on faces, smacking azzes, sending home happy husbands, and swallowing cum. Hey. I’m just overjoyed to be enjoying myself so damn much. And, I GET TO GET OFF, TOO. (Like, you ever had a choice.)


7 Replies to “Nobel Deeds”

  1. You should really see about becoming a reporter or something.
    Your blog stuff(writing) is off the charts, your words are rhyming like rap lyrics.
    I don’t know how you come up with so much creative thinking. You take writing to another level. I seriously believe you can be a great blogger for some website.
    I think you should hook up with the heads of and show them your profrolio. Maybe you can get some good writing done in their website.

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