You Lose

I’ll lick em. Suck em. And take em with the tip of my tongue. It’s too late. They’re already mine.


7 Replies to “You Lose”

  1. Short, sweet, and to the point. Ohh when you get to that point….

    Mighty classy way to make a statement. So much better than ranting. A few well written words say much more than paragraphs of ranting.

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      1. Guess I failed to put my name on it so I became “anonymous”. Guess we are all anonymous in the hobby anyway.

        I know it’s easier to say than do but take the high road. Your going to have some that run to NLN, some that run to both of you and swear they would never see the other, and some that will run, walk, crawl, or whatever it takes to get to you!

        Don’t waste your gift of words on hooker drama that others jealously will push them to try and drag you into.

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      2. Some I’m sure do t stick up for you because they don’t want to be chastised by NLN White Knights. Some may try to stay out of the drama chain.

        The hurt is natural. When people say things like “doesn’t bother me, I know the truth” they are trying to bury feelings.

        The gift of writing that you have comes with a large expense. That expense is feelings that are hard to hide.

        Don’t let petty attacks as this stop you from your love of writing and your blog. Better yet use your gift to express the fun you are having in spite of the attack!

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