Let it go…

This is fuckin rediculous! Just a message to those of you who sit idly by adoring her…

Her attitude fuckin stinks. She has spent 2016 and all of 2017 trying to make a bad name for me. It has worked. And no one ever spoke up for me.

The worst is that it has negatively affected my writing, something that I adore more than anything. And it has, most definitely, affected the opinion others have for me. Some even, sight unseen.

If this is the sweet little provider that you love and adore and choose to defend and proclaim in every available moment… Stop fucking and fucking with me. I will no longer honor any of your appointments. Ya’ll keep me a secret, while promoting her evil antics and consistent battery on me. You’ve got your ‘fantasy’ (what a fuckin joke). Better enjoy that fake azz world before it goes “poof”.

I’m done with this bullshit.

Get a life, child. Your obsession with mine is pathetic and pitiful. Just let it go. For your own sanity. (Any little bit has to help.) Good luck with that shit. I’ve got things to do.

Ya’ll can fuckin have her!


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