That’s QUEEN BITCH, to you!

Alright. So, I wanted to say a few words, but I’m running short of time today. A wonderful night’s sleep in my bed has left me feeling a little energized. Don’t worry. Not too much. But enough for me to be ecstatic about the rest of my day.

Lots of interesting things have happened over the last few days. I’ve been hanging out a lot with my girlfriend, Jada. It’s been kind of fun. Not the most, but there’s still more to be said there.

Somebody on my website decided to take the name Masterhead69 in vein. That cracked me up like you wouldn’t believe. That someone could even use my name and then, just put the word super in front of it and think that alone makes them special is a great big laugh.

For your information, I have been working for a long time, but it is many, many more years of experience that landed me with the name. It’s not a name that I chose for myself. It was chosen for me. Literally. We had just met. (I know. I’m such a slut.)

If it’s so easy that you could just name yourself whatever the fuck you wanted and put the word master in front of it for it to be true… then there truly wouldn’t be a master at all. Now you ladies are welcome to earn any names that you would like. They are bound to be better than mine, considering you already have this information at the beginning. Your welcome.

But don’t steal my fuckin name. I earned it. I don’t brag on it as much as I used to. But probably, I should. Perhaps it would make the other ladies up their game a little. But I’ve said this before, and I see no recent improvements.

Isn’t that the problem? It is very difficult to improve yourself when you think that you were already perfect. In fact… it’s damn near impossible. But who am I to say?


Now, say it like you mean it.


4 Replies to “That’s QUEEN BITCH, to you!”

  1. You are barking up the wrong tree missy..
    wtf are you doing on her page commenting for..Are you so strapped for attention…

    My goodness.if you are so much better than her.. why don’t you prove it some other way.. and leave her the Fuck alone..

    You are not naughty.. you are plain nasty 😷…

    Liked by 1 person

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