Oh, you better believe that hurt. Of all the cold, insensitive ways to describe a female. Not hot, but not ugly. Hmph.

What burns me the most is we actually had a very personal discussion today about how heartless words can hurt… IN A NUMBER OF WAYS. I suppose he only heard the parts about him.

Ya’ll, I’ve been doing this long enough to have learned long ago to not let someone else’s negative opinion of me matter too much, but I just spent almost an hour playing naked with this fella. Licking and sucking and… obviously SUCKING.

This is the reason writing has become so difficult for me lately. Making my life public leaves me open to the judgement of others. Something I can certainly do without.

How many other constructive ways could he have said the same thing? (Oh, I refuse to help you on this one.) And I’m not quite sure he truly wants to cum back if he feels that strongly.

I most certainly feel differently about our encounter now, so I definitely won’t be waiting on pins and needles for your call now, darlin. Ya blame me?

Oh, tell me I’m being… What? A GIRL! Damnit, fellas. Wake up! No matter how I make my money, my feelings do matter. I certainly make sure to always take care of whatever feelings y’all may have. 

How bout a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T??!!