Boy, does life have a way of just chugging right along. Doesn’t it??

Well, hello again, my wonderful friends! Things have been quite interesting lately. Not that I planned it at all that way. No. Life’s just funny like that.

A conversation I had last week with a very knowledgeable 26 year old gentleman inspired me to pick up the phone and call one of my favorite girlfriends. 

Jada and I met several years ago when we stayed together for a short time. Back then, she was sporting a brightly colored headful of locks and the rosiest, most youthful, little girl cheeks I’d ever seen. 

I loved her immediately. She was just the most genuine and sweetest girl I’d ever met. Her good hearted nature quickly grew on me, and we became fast friends.

Fast forward about a year later, and you find us ball deep, trading spit on the smoothest of cocks. I can’t remember how we were both so easily persuaded to share the same guy, but neither of us seemed to mind too much. All three of us were rewarded with an experience far too delicious to ever forget.

Her oral ability amazed me, even then. And that wasn’t the only trait we had in common. Jada loved sex! Love giving head! I was in good company!

Last week, while pondering the very limited variety of providers in our area, Jada’s very beautiful, smiling face appeared in my mind. I truly couldn’t think of any one female who could fit the bill any better! I called her up immediately!

She was delighted that I’d thought of her, if only just slightly apprehensive about my offer. I knew from personal experience that the chick knew how to get down. And… quite well. I might add. 

She just needed someone to help her get established with the right group of gentlemen, AND give her just a basic understanding of the”dog-eat-dog” mentality that exists between providers. (Unfortunately, I, myself, was forced to learn this painful truth firsthand. I would hope to spare her that experience.)

I quickly registered her with my website, then introduced her to a couple of fellas I’d met on there. Yes. There were, indeed, a few gentlemen lucky enough to secure an early spot with my pleasure-giving girlfriend. I’m quite sure they also found themselves impressed by her oral gifts. 

And, FINALLY! Someone with breasts as big and beautiful as my own! Actually, if it’s at all possible, I believe she just walked away with the trophy on BIG, BEAUTIFUL BOOBS.

The threesomes went very well. She seemed to hold back a little at first. But, as she helped me deliver a most excellent, double “thank you” blowjob to one of my very best of friends, it was all too obvious that she had now warmed up completely. Hell! THE GIRL WAS ON FIRE!!

But, who knows? I’ve witnessed many girls cum on the scene with a big bang. And, only a short time later, not even a spark remains as proof of the event. It kinda sucks.

Sure. I have my favorites too. A couple of hot pics and some equally steamy words tend to draw my attention just as surely as it could any potential friend. I start to feel some kinda way… 

The sad truth is, there are a very limited number of good, honest providers available here in the Florida Panhandle. And there is still plenty of business to be had. I am quite confident that Miss Juicy Jada will leave more than a few fellas satiated and completely satisfied. 

And, hey… You know my motto.



4 Replies to “ORGASMS for EVERYONE!”

  1. She sounds wonderful! Hopefully I’ll get to meet her someday. Not sure I’d be able to handle a double though. I have a hard enough time keeping up with you. 🙂

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