Mr. MeHoff

computer-girl-vinyl-wall-decal-sexy-women-girl-body-full-laptop-mural-art-wall-sticker-officeOkay. It feels like I haven’t talked to ya’ll in forever. Not that there’s been a whole lot going on, really. I think maybe the move was a little nerve-wracking for me. It was the fourth time that I’ve done it in the past 12 months.

My 80-something year old landlord took me out for a nice dinner at Jerry’s Drive Inn to sign the lease the other night. Then, he hung around for a few days making repairs on the house. Now, he’s finally gone. Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.

You never gonna believe what happened the other day. I had a temporary phone number up on my website to help screen potential friends. It was more of a hassle than it was really worth. I found it constantly clogged with messages that weren’t delivered on time, and phone calls and couldn’t answer.

One of these messages was just like every other. Except this one claimed to actually know me. Even more than that, he said he used to be my regular bj lunch date back when I lived in a ratty hotel off of Mobile Highway.

I didn’t have to think very hard or long on this one. Over the past six, possibly even seven, years, I have had an off-and-on regular lunch date. Interestingly enough, he has kept me hungry for his cock this entire time. To this very day! No fuckin joke. I often wondered where he had gone.

I must be an idiot for even telling you why I think that I could be. Well, it began a long time ago when I lived with my ex-boyfriend off of Highway 98. He was one of the very first people to step foot in that apartment and have my mouth placed on him. As I recall, I did a fabulous job. However… I don’t recall hearing from him after that very first time.

…Until about 2012, when I was living at the Hospitality Inn. Of all places. This hotel was a major fuckin dump. Half the time the water would be shut off. Sewage backed up frequently, and there were drug dealers and hookers around every corner.

But I kept to myself. I watched as the hotel went down, almost around me. The owner had put up a fence around the entire building, trapping me inside. I finally escaped right after the owner was arrested for the RICO Act by five different law enforcement agencies. I’m lucky to have made it out of that shit. Thank goodness. The place has finally been closed down for good.

It was difficult to have a regular, any regulars at all, at that hotel. Someone would really have to want to come see you. Also, your rates would have to be worth the harrowing trip they would have to make just to cum see you. Over the years, I’ve dealt with angry drug dealers, because I wouldn’t buy their dope, and one very jealous transvestite, who was constantly approaching my friends before they ever made it to my door. It was a hellish place.

The name on his email was right there on the tip of my tongue as we were texting back and forth. But there was no way that this could be him. I mean, over the years, this man has traveled to at least four or fivre different spots that I’ve lived in. He saw the ends of a drug addiction and the beginnings of my new life, all without even realizing it. Or maybe somehow, he did. I don’t know.

You see he was never quite a regular-regular. He would come for a while, and then, he would just stop. He did that several times. I guess it did something to me. It made me WANT him to  back. It made me yearn to prove to him that I was getting better. And. I’d always adored his dick. It’s beautiful and all always freshly shaved. The perfect size for me to truly enjoy. I LOVED IT. I didn’t know him very well, but I WAS IN LOVE WITH HIS COCK.

Suddenly, the name came to me. How could I have ever ever forgotten? Jack. Jack MeHoff was the name on the email that had responded to me all of those years.

He exploded. “That’s me that’s me.” OMG! HE WAS BACK!

You know I’m reading back over this, and it sounds absolutely ridiculous. I have had a relationship with this man’s body part. I now feel very close to him. He was very much a part of my life while I was going through some very difficult times. He didn’t even know that. The ‘grandfathered in’ rate that he’d received for years always seemed a blessing to me, and I was always happy to have it. It shocks me to say that.

Of course, I have relationships with everyone who comes to see me on a regular basis. I didn’t realize that, until this man came back. Of course, I’m a very sensitive and emotional person, but I don’t usually confuse this job for more than what it is. I’ve been let down enough to know that the illusion there, is very easily broken. But it is difficult to not become involved with someone you see so often on such a personal level.

I think I’m very blessed for each and every one of my friends. I’ve often taken you for granted when I’m tired or sick. It is true, there are some friends that are not truly concerned about anything other than what goes on in my bedroom. But I I’ve weeded those out pretty good. I think my friends consists of a very good selection of real men. Real Men with real problems. Real people who love to throw off their troubles for just a few special minutes in time with me.



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