This Whore is BACK… sorta

​Well, hello go again, my dear friends. I’m sure you thought that you might never hear me again. I’ve been gone quite a while. With all the crap that happened up around the holidays, I think, maybe, just maybe… I’ve been a little under the weather, and just not realized it.

So, we were determined to get everything done on Sunday. When I say we, I mean me and this wonderful gentleman who reached out to me from my website. He was actually my very first Members Only VIP. So far there been two. Ha! Enjoy the vids, fellas!

He assisted me with the move by renting a U-Haul truck, but mostly.. by being a true friend when I needed one. He took me to breakfast… something I hadn’t done in a quite a while. He gave me passionate kisses… something I hadn’t needed for a while

And then, he actually helped me move most of my shit from point A to point B… Something I definitely DID NOT WANT TO DO. But had to happen. Thankx so much Efty. Haven’t stopped thinking about that yet or the total ease with which you moved my clunky ass shit.

So, now, I’m in my new place. The walls are so much farther away. The rooms, too large to comprehend. There is also a nice cool breeze floating through from the large window unit a.c., (shhh… It’s got two of them bad boys), like some frozen undescovered continent all for us. The pup has finally settled down. It’s our home. And, we are, both, truly grateful.

But if moving was all it took, it probably wouldn’t have taken me so long to get back to you all. When I moved, I pulled something… or bruised something… or ripped something… or something. I couldn’t breathe properly for the first few days, struggled to take complete breaths of air. My sides and back hurt terribly, and my chest had a great pressure on it. It felt like I’d truly hurt my ribs.

I know you won’t believe it, but I spent the past four days in my bed. Correction, I spent the past four days on my mattress pulled into the center of my living room floor. Darlin, That’s where the fuck it landed when I tearfully shoved it off the wall of my bedroom. So, that’s where we lay… for four whole days.

Yesterday was the first day I was actually able to get up a little. I had my first cup of coffee. Now, I’m out of sugar, so I can’t have anymore. But the first cup was wonderful! My house still looks like a hell hole, some combat area that was left forgotten, supplies strewn about… fight departed. I haven’t really had the energy to move anything yet, so I’m still taking my time going through boxes. Difficult when you’re feeling as rough as I do.

A lot of people don’t know this, but last year I was diagnosed with a disease called Erdheim Chester Disease. It certainly leads to a lowered immune system. It definitely leads to my lack of energy at times. Especially after such a big event as a move. I’ve had kidney failure 3 times from it, and I’m always trying to keep myself healthy enough to not suffer from any future bouts with our incompetent United States Health System. Florida and Alabama have failed me. Now, I just use vitamins and fresh food to keep myself healthy.

There are times when I get sick, and those times do often last a while. I’m sorry. I hope someone out there can understand it is certainly not by my choice. I cried on the daily wishing that things were different. Wishing that my life could be traded for a life without as many ups and downs and far fewer obstinate people. I wish I had a few more close friends.

But I will settle for what I’ve got, and I’m happy to have it. Me and the pup are doing much better. I would like to say best, but I’m still recovering. My body feels a little weak. My head hurts slightly. But I’ve got a lot to do today, and I’m really excited about the possiblity of getting some of it done.

I hope to be able to reconnect with you daily, soon. Possibly even tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don’t know my future and I’m tired of trying to predict it. I think it’s going to be a bright one, though.


7 Replies to “This Whore is BACK… sorta”

  1. So sorry that the wonderful thing (new home) had to be followed by the awful thing (being sick/injured). You will overcome it though and hopefully you’ll have some good clear sailing for awhile. Enjoy your new place, can’t wait to see it!!

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