You get what you deserve

Hello, my dearest friends. I’m sorry I’ve been silent so long. You have no idea how difficult it has been to not just speak freely, like I’m accustomed to doing. You may not believe this, but I’ve missed ya’ll terribly.

This week has been a complete blur. When i gave the man the deposit on my new home, my anxiety must have set in, because all week I’ve just been a nervous wreck.

I truly don’t know why ya’ll put up with me. I’m emotional, oversensitive, and a complete slut. My faults are many. My self confidence, not always at its peak.

Ya’ll love me regardless. You welcome my rants and exposes with a giddy anticipation that blows me away. You DO know me and most of you really DO understand me. And I’d love to think you all HEAR me.


Despite all of that… You’re just here for me. Your presence, every time I speak, is a real comfort for me in ways you may surely never understand. To you all, I am truly grateful. So, here’s a little slice of the past week to tide you over until i can prepare a huge spread of indecency and debauchery again for you to feast on.

So, this is how it begin. Perhaps a couple of you recall my hiatus at Christmas. A sinus infection had deformed my beautiful face and laid me up with aches and pains and a consistent headache for 6 full days. 

On Christmas day, I finally emerged from my rumpled bedsheets a big stinking mess. (Didn’t know i was gonna get so sexy so quickly, did ya?) A shower and some fresh clothes were enough have me invited to spend that wonderful day with my children and their siblings. Despite my weakened state, their smiles, laughter and love helped to accelerate my recovery. Oh, and the knowledge that I only had 6 days to cum up with my rent didn’t hurt.

So, I ran the Laney Lixx Rent Special. Boy, was that a total success! Only 5 days in, and I had paid my rent, purchased a new phone, and even put back several hundred without even realizing it.

But the phone calls didn’t stop. To be honest, I’m not really sure they had so much to do with the rent special. Or, at least, not that alone. Nope. These fellas weren’t even asking me about the special rate. They were just scrambling to get appointments. You’ve got me. I’ve got my ideas, but far be it for me to burst anyone’s hate-filled bubble.

So, here’s how my mind was moving. I figured, the only reason I am even in this tiny, crappy apartment is because of poor pre-planning on my part. I was so intent on just getting out of that damn motel, that I jumped the gun and never did enough research. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time waiting for the right place to become available. Finally, i was in the position to wait for my new home to cum to me.

On my second day of house hunting, I noticed a sad little ad in the Thrifty Nickel. It read simply, “1/1 all utilities furnished.” I laughed. “Well don’t expect anyone to call you, buddy.”

On the third day, I lifted the phone and dialed the local number. A very friendly older gentleman greeted me, then preceded to tell me the history of his grandmother’s house. 

Not only was I intrigued, I was overcome with emotion. It wasn’t the great detail with which he described this beautiful old Pensacola relic. No. I fell for it the moment he began to speak of how he’d taken great care of his family home, and was looking for someone to do the same. I was drawn to his humbleness and the great love he felt for this place. 

I do not drive. I don’t even own a driver’s license. But, that didn’t even slow me down. Before I realized it, I had found a ride and was walking in the front door of my new home. 

I knew it was mine immediately. The rooms were so large. I could already picture naked bodies strewn everywhere in the most lewd of positions. A delight of carnal desires right here in my very own living room! I absolutely couldn’t wait!

As the rent special continued, I was approached by a very kind man with the most delicious of kisses who handed me a money order for the remainder owed to move in. The only thing left was to pack.

I awoke yesterday to a body full of aches and pains. Especially my azz. Oh, Jesus. What had I done with my azz? I had a few good ideas, but the pain was too great to decide.

I spent just about the entire day flipping on my overstuffed couch, and the rest of it rolling over repeatedly in my bed. I think the stress had finally taken its toll on my body. 

I was now completely assured that it was my sexual acrobatics of the day before that had caused the burn and ache in my butt cheeks. I clearly recalled throwing the bottom half of my body into the air and thrusting wildly atop one of my favorite cocks. Picturing it now, there is absolutely no doubt that it is the guilty culprit.

Last year was so horrendous for me. Up until the very last breath of 2016, I was battling negative emotions and bitter heartbreak over the loss of a friend. I didn’t want to carry any of that baggage into my new year.

So, I began using my playtime as a means of escape. I’d always found myself easily lost in soaked sheets and orgasms growled low from deep within. Now, even more so. There is no feeling quite like sliding from sensual daydream to a most lurid and vivid evening fantasy.

When I do sleep, it’s because my over-stimulated body has just given out. The greater the intensity of the orgasms, the more thoroughly draining it was on my system. Of course, that never stopped me before.

But now onto bigger and better things. Spaz and I need some room. And there’s a washer and dryer already there for my many towels and sheets. Who could ask for more? 

I finally feel I’m getting what I deserve. I’m no perfect person, but I certainly try my hardest to not hurt anyone in any form or fashion. I’m just me. Take it or leave it.


7 Replies to “You get what you deserve”

  1. Laney I have followed your blog for a while, and find it a wonderful insight into your life. Thank you for sharing!!! I am so glad that something this positive has gone your way, keep your chin up girl, you are obviously a fighter, and will prevail despite any opposition.

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