Hoe, Today. Gone, Tomorrow

It’s gone! I can’t believe it’s actually done! The largest running publication of adult ads has been forced to censor its sex workers’ section. My mind suddenly envisions a crowd of fuzzy boot wearing ladies stuffed into colorful stretch pants, peddling thigh on the side of the highway.

Of course, we all know that’s not going to happen. (?) Where there is a need, someone will be taking advantage of it. I mean, it will be filled. You know what I mean.

After CL shut it’s adult classified section, BP became my main means of support. I was definitely not comfortable with the explicit wording the working girls there used with consistent ease. To this day, I am still unable to refer in any way to a RATE, choosing instead to request donations. I know lame, right?

So, where is the hoes gone go? Actually, it’s a serious question. Most of them are too young to even recall there ever not being a Backpage. I bet the majority of them have never had to actually network in the community like we had to back in the 90’s. Yeah. Talking to people used to be necessary. Imagine that.

I am so very blessed that I no longer need to post there. Thanks to the site I’m on now, I am able to ride this one out in pretty good position. I would probably have already lost my head were I not so well established. The higher class of gentleman that I meet on there is much more likely to become one of my more respected, regular friends. I’ve been lucky enough to have met many fine gentlemen there.

And, truthfully, Pensacola’s BP was even lousier than most. The selection was small and the options few. A down-home southern freak like me can’t really help but gain notoriety in the midst of that foreboding cast of characters. Thank goodness someone discovered me in time to save me from the panic they’re most likely experiencing right now.

To all the hard-working ladies who enjoy being the center of attention in a man’s fantasy world, I hope you make your way over to my new home. If you enjoy what you do, and love to make others happy, it’ll show here. Maybe we can finally get a selection that appeals to men rather than repels them. Friendly competition does nothing but draw in more spectators.

The truth is, there’s only a select few women that are actually doing the work anyway. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of girls working. But few are delivering what they actually promise without some form of hassle. Wouldn’t it be nice if this actually inspired working girls to up their game? 

Now that is something I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing. Hookers actually TRYING to make you happy. Smother ’em in whipped cream, and we got a fucking show that even I would buy scalped tickets for.

But you know what, I’m not even stressing that shit. It just doesn’t even concern me right now. I’ll admit, it put a smile on my face to see it went down so suddenly. The many, many pictures of local females I’ve seen on there over the past few months flash through my mind like a slow motion film. Wow. This is gonna affect us all.

The truth is, I used to know a few of those girls. Originally, they were just freaky little girls in search of a good time, and… maybe a little something to numb their senses in the process.

Money does something to people. Women especially. Men with MORE money just tend to have MORE fun. Women, when exposed to a higher income, seem to just desire MORE money. Greedy little suckers that they are. It’s not enough to just be happy. It’s not enough to just have everything that you need. They always want more.

Look, I’m not speaking for all women. And I’m not saying it hasn’t affected me in a positive way. Their lofty rates for service have certainly assisted in the growth of my earning potential. When offered the choice between two like priced females in the sex industry, I tend to win on skill alone. Oh, and I ain’t too bad to look at either.

So, why is it even a competition? There are plenty of men out here. Well, more than enough to meet most, if not all, of our needs. If all girls gave a hundred percent of themselves in an honest and open environment, I think it would only help the sex industry. Especially here in the conservative South.

Sure, most of those BP girls would be left in the dust. Review sites are already highlighting the most troublesome working girls and their method of operation. But the thicker the stew, the more likely you are to get a juicy peace of meat. And aren’t we all a little hungry right now?


5 Replies to “Hoe, Today. Gone, Tomorrow”

  1. It is eerily similar to the demise of sfredbook.com, years ago, also shut down by the Federal government (The FBI in that case) For guys living, and ladies working, in the SF Bay area back then SF Redbook was a wonderful resource. It had advertisements, discussions, all the things that other sites since have, but it also had a “providers only” side called “My Pink Book”. Providers could communicate discretely, share advice, get help and warn each other of dangerous clients. When it was shut down, the unintended consequence was to drive many providers to less established and safe channels, or for many, out onto the streets. It was very sad.

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