I’m tired. I’m so very tired of always having to run uphill. Today, I look on the website where I advertise and someone I’ve never met said some very nasty things about me. I’m confused. Stunned. And so very hurt.

It seemed like a wonderful idea to combine the two things that I love so much sex and writing. I felt that they could only help to enhance both experiences. And possibly others would enjoy it, too.I love being able to talk with you and tell you everything. My soul feels freer than ever before.

But writing makes me vulnerable to you. It leaves me completely defenseless to everything and everyone. I serously can’t hold out any longer.

I have dreams. There’s things I want to do. I’m trying to accomplish those. I’m trying NOT to step on anyone on the way. What the fuck do I keep doing wrong?

Ya’ll win. Okay. Seriously. I don’t deserve this. I truly don’t. I just wanna move along now and forget we ever met. This shit is too fucking painful!



  1. Aaaah.. lacy girl…
    just keep doing what you are doing.
    And pleasing those who love ❤️ the way you do please…

    We enjoy 😊 your stories of your encounters.. and love how you enjoy 😊 yourself..

    Just ignore all negative comments about..
    they are none of your business..,
    And don’t make them your business either..

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  2. I know this isn’t the first time this has happened to you, Lacey. These people need to get a life and stop harassing you. You are beautiful and the fact that your writing exposes you to your reader is what makes it so special, beautiful, and downright sexy to read. There are more that who love you than hate you. You’re awesome.

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  3. Just look past it. Have one of the mods remove the whole post. I seen it, it’s just a thread. Props to the original poster looks like he had a good time, but the other naysayers, that needs to be gone.
    Hope you are able to get the new place and enjoy it !

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  4. It is so sad to know that someone is speaking ill about you, who don’t even know you personally.
    I think you must just ignore such persons and you will find them a lot on Internet.
    So friend just concentrate on what you want and work hard to accomplish your dream, because that is the real essence of life.

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