The love, the sex, and the power

2017-01-02-21-38-18-181-1Oh… friends of mine. Only two days into the new year, and it is already so very obvious to me that this is, indeed, gonna be my age of enlightenment. With all of the pitfalls of 2016 now reflected in my rear view mirror, the road ahead seems almost too smooth and pristine to ever lead someone astray. But don’t you worry. If nothing else, these past twelve months have certainly taught me to not be so foolish.


Even a clear path is often riddled with gnarly trees that snag and tear and rip at the soul. Injury will most likely happen. The only true power that I do have, is the ability to control how I react to these snares of mankind. But you can bet on the fact that a wayward limb or two will not deter me. I am ecstatic at the opportunity to discover so much more about myself. And, hopefully, I will obtain a little insight into everyone else, also. Oh… it’s gonna be a fabulous year.


Enough of the mushy shit. Time to get to some fucking, my fiery and fierce friends. Let’s shimmy into something a wee bit naughtier for the rest of this flashback . I thought you’d never ask.


 I was eight months pregnant when I walked across the stage to receive my high school diploma. I had completely taken high school for granted, and now that innocent time was gone for good. It certainly put a damper on my spirit. I was a child struggling to raise a baby. Needless to say, my self esteem suffered greatly during those first few months after my son was born.


My closest friends could sense the shift in my demeanor, and struggled to keep my spirits at their highest. On many a weekend, they would all pile into two or three cars, and bring the party directly to me. On one such occasion, a new fella was introduced to the group. Boner was confident (egotistical) and witty (a smart azz), and he had the most beautiful eight inch cock. (Back then, I truly loved those big, bad boys.)


Boner was full of flaws, but as he saw it… I really only possessed one trait that he felt required improvement. Yup. A man actually told me that I sucked at giving head.


First off, he was totally fucking lying. I already had over 16 years of bj experience by that time, so it’s not likely that I sucked too terribly bad. But, with a few well-placed comments, he had me thirsting for the knowledge of how to please him. Hour upon hour. Day after day. If he was with me, he was IN my mouth. It was evident that he reveled in the opportunity to instruct my actions. Or, as he put it… train me.


For the most part, I was an energetic and open-minded pupil. In me, he had found his cock’s true desire… A ready and willing slut to worship his manhood. And, boy, did I. He made the most of every new opportunity to place his balls on my chin. 


Okay. You’re right. It wasn’t the perfect relationship, and he, most certainly, was far from being mistaken for the perfect guy, but, as his insistent training continued, something inside me changed. Once I had perfected the suction and motion that he preferred, a sense of accomplishment fell over me.


I recall the first time I observed with my very own eyes, his face in the midst of the orgasm that I had created with my tongue and lips. Boner was always so intense and manly. I never, EVER would have imagined that when he got off, his features would contort into the ugliest expression of pure bliss. Honestly, how could that not boost my self esteem? 


You should have heard him beg the very first time I cut him off. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t mad at him in any way. Quite the opposite. I had noticed his increasing awareness of my newfound knowledge of his anatomy. Now, when he came, he would get this odd look in his eyes. It was an expression made up of equal parts awe and respect. This observation was to change my perception of men forever. Instead of the elusive beast that I desired just as greatly as I misunderstood, I now saw the male species as an extension of my sexuality. It made my panties wet just thinking about it.


The power to please is like an obsession. Once I had witnessed his release with my very own eyes, I thirsted to experience that influx of absolute power again. He had provided me with the tools to obtain the majority of the power in our relationship, and I was completely,unmistakably addicted to the sensation.


Unfortunately, I was a silly little nineteen year old, and just as selfish as any other. I had no concept of how my actions affected those around me. If you can believe it, I used to actually feel very proud of myself when describing to others the nobility in my not sleeping with any of Boner’s closest friends. Of course, it wasn’t long before I had extended my tongue talents to two different ex-boyfriends and one extremely hot bouncer. We might not have made it two years, but the skills that he had taught me remain with me to this day.


On another note, I totally bombed today. I invited the sweetest little 25 year old fella to facefuck me, but was unable to successfully deliver. His penis, while big, bold and, most definitely beautiful, had a slight curve to it that shouldn’t have affected me at all. Unfortunately, not every cock fits my mouth perfectly. Hard to believe, I know. Usually, I have no problem over-correcting the awkwardness of any angle. Not so, this particular time.


Upon first glance, it was just a really sexy dick, but once I had it buried ball deep between my lips, that curve became an issue. It just didn’t bend properly down the back of my throat like I’m so accustomed to. Regardless, I absolutely refused to give up, finally swallowing his nut as dark mascara-filled tears spilled down my cheeks. It wasn’t the best look for me, but he didn’t seem to mind too much. 


Hey… if there’s no room for improvement, how the hell can you ever grow?


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