One Hundred Percent ALL IN

I was inspired by a friend to tell this tale. No, it’s not a fairy tale, mind you. Rather, this story is 100% real. My CL days were absolutely loaded with wild and extraordinary experiences. Some border almost on the unbelievable. Perhaps this is one of those. I’ll let you decide. Hope you enjoy.


I hopped around my cramped hotel room, rushing to put everything in it’s place. A sharp rap on the door forced me to end my pitiful attempt to disguise the meager surroundings. I tightened my towel, and hustled to meet my new friend.

He was so tall and handsome that it took me several moments to introduce myself, and even longer to actually let him inside. He sat next to me on the bed as I made small talk to ease his nervousness. Which was interesting, because he certainly didn’t seem to be exhibiting any signs of fear or unease. (Both were quite common in CL men.)

At first, I couldn’t quite see his face. He was all huddled over the large screen of his phone. When he finally did turn to look me in the eye, I knew something was up. His expression was so unexpected.

I was frozen in fear at the cold bravado written in the lines of his sly grin. He cleared his throat and paused, as if preparing for a rather windy speech. I knew before he ever even uttered those fateful words what he was going to say.

Okay, so the exact words completely allude me, but the message was the same. He was a cop. He was an officer of the law, and I was in big, big trouble. He thumbed through his messages, pausing on each and every exchange between us regarding solicitation. I was truly mortified, and couldn’t help but desperately search the room for any feasible route of escape.

Surely, he had to have known how frightened out of my wits I was. Despite my willingness to try just about anything to flee the possible ramifications of my earlier haste, another part of me was yelling BULLSHIT. You don’t work CL for as long as I did and not pick up on the vibes and subtle clues that men give away in their posture and body language.

He began his story. Oh, come on. He knew I wasn’t buying his act 100%. Sure, he may have caught me off guard, and he was most definitely the cause of the pink, hot flush that now stained my cheeks, but I’m pretty certain he could also sense my most basic inclination to bolt from it all.

He never flinched or even drew a deep breath. His ego was astonishing. I may not have completely trusted him or believed his story, but he seemed quite aware that I was unwilling to call him on it. So, I sat back and feined the good listener best that I could.

As a young officer, new on the beat, he was involved in a situation with a young mother. The woman was an active drug user, and this was the house call that would remove the children she so dearly loved and had always cared for. He watched from a distance as she cried in anguish. It tore at him (as recounted to me) and touched a part of his heart that he had yet to harden to this strenuous environment.

He hastily made a decision based on his own heartbreak for the young woman’s plight. Without thinking, he intervened and returned the children to their mother’s loving arms. He watched, close by, as she nestled them into their warm beds once again.

This woman was so overcome with grattitude, (you’re gonna love this) that she fell to her knees and begged him for a way to return his charity and kindness. Anything. She would do just anything to show him the extent of her appreciation. He assured her that none was needed, but she absolutely insisted.

He didn’t describe what came next with very great detail, but he made one point extremely clear. It was the most tender blowjob he’d ever received, because it was 100% genuine. 

What a genuine crock of shit. I didn’t believe not one word of it. He didn’t seem to mind my uneasy silence as I prayed for a sign. A giggle, chuckle or “naw, just kidding” would have made my fucking day. He never budged, still idly flipping through the high-tech device in his hand.

“Look. You seem like a good person. Not the type of… female we are looking for. I’m gonna just take care of these real quick.” He began deleting our messages from his phone one by one. “You too.” He motioned at my much smaller hunk of metal, causing me to do the same. Then silence again. God. It seemed like forever.

After about an hour, I was mentally and psychologically drained. His story had unleashed a very strong urge to just throw him the hell out. But there was still that chance… I began to weigh the odds.

I am super interested to know what you think I’m gonna say next. Do you believe, from what you know about me so far, that I would ever even consider bending to this incompetent, bullshitting, hunk of male excrement? Just what do you take me for?

You’re damn right I did. But certainly not for the reason you all probably assume. My dearest friends, this well paid slut was scared to fuckin death. Not that I had ever fully believed him to be a badge weilder. Of course not. I was deathly frightened of my now wavering patience for his egotistical, non-hurried demeanor. He was only moments from finding himself airborne.

I’d love to tell you that this appreciation blowjob was terribly awkward and unnecessary, but, of course, that’s not how it went down at all. I begrudgingly began to suck him, trying my damnest to not truly give him what he so desired. But, sometime early on, I made the mistake of looking up and into his face. It was all there. From the soft curve of his lip to the intense fire burning brightly in his eyes.

He didn’t lie and frighten me just so that he could take advantage of a free blowjob. This man was totally, 100% turned on. Had I willingly offered my mouth up when he’d first entered my home, he probably WOULD have been able to reach erection, but he most likely wouldn’t have allowed it to transpire. 

No. You see, this man derived sheer heart pounding adrenaline, and subsequent pleasure, from putting me in a position where I felt I had no choice at all. Truthfully, he probably could see right through my thin veil of innocence. But telling me so would have spoiled his fun. This was the heat he yearned for. This was the passion missing from his usual daily routine. This was the obsession that haunted his daydreams.

I had to give it to the scoundrel. He took on a devilishly handsome air when in the throes of such an ultimately naughty fantasy made reality. Suddenly, I was quite stimulated myself by it all. He had risked so much for these few precious moments in the mouth of a frightened little whore. I made sure it was a blowjob he’d never forget. I still smile picturing that selfish little prick and the sad little twenty dollar bill he tossed back at me. Awww. Good times.


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