New Beginnings

Happy New Year, friends! And, oh, what a wonderful year 2017 is gonna be. So full of hope and promise. I have quite a few goals this year. I’m ready to put myself to the test.

This past year has been like a category 5 hurricane on my life. Just a cyclone of chaos and debris flying so  close to my face that it was tangible. I truly thought that it was blowing me off course. Now, I see that it was just building strength for one of the best years of my life. I plan on it being the most exciting year yet.

You know, when I began writing and telling the sordid details of a teenage honor student gone slutty, never did I ever imagine that there would be so many people that would enjoy reading about it. Perhaps, I did plan on a laugh. Was actually hoping for at least two. But never did I think I would gain so many friends from the process.

It’s a purging of sorts. Surely you see that. My daily struggles, occasional tryst, and stories of childhood sexuality have kept you reading this long, and cleared my slate daily of all shame or fear. Instead of patting myself on the back, I humbly bow and thank you.

My rent is paid, AND I am now the owner of a brand new phone. It’s not an iPhone, but it’ll certainly do. I am so blessed to ring in the new year with no debt and a smile on my face. I pray that all of you are, also.

Now, about this Rent Special I’ve been running… Whew! I am beat, ya’ll! Naw. Just kiddin. I HAD A FRIGGIN BLAST! I met some new faces. I kissed a few old faces. And I made faces near about the entire time. Not bad for a few days’ work. Don’t ya think? What a wonderful life. Not a bad way to celebrate 2017.

You know, there’s nothing like being down to the wire to show you what you’re made of. Looks like I’m made out of equal parts sugar, salt, and something super sticky. Damnit! Fucking spilled the lube again. My bad. I meant, heart. Yes. I have lots of HEART.

Not too bad if you ask me. My lips should be tired from such consistent sucking, but… Nope. Not yet. Guess I just didn’t get enough.

You know, I was in my thirties before I realized that I much more prefer to be naked than to wear clothes. Truthfully. I feel more comfortable nude, just me and the air. I just feel more sensual that way.

Lately, I’ve become so accustomed to the cute little nighties and lacy things, that I’m beginning to lose that. Or, rather, it seems to heighten the moment I bare all even more. Quite enjoyable. I’m even wearing heels to the door now. Who’d of ever thunk it??

See, so I can change. I can’t wait to see what this positive new year has in store for me. Hopefully, lots more PLAYING WITH MY FRIENDS!


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