Ode To My Friends

o-CHAMPAGNE-facebook.jpgHello, fabulous friends! You know, this is the very first time that I’ve even considered that tonight is New Year’s Eve. Crazy right? I’ve been so busy working on my rent that it completely slipped my mind. But here we are… at the precipice of a new year.

Thank fuckin God. I could use a new year! I could use a new year, new friends, new environment. You only get fucked over so many times before you decide that it’s time to move on. That’s about where I’m at in my life. Time to move on.

I think instead of moving forward and backwards, like I’ve become so accustomed to doing, I think I’m just going to do a little jiggle to the side. From now on you’re just going to see me hitting that beat side to side, baby. It’ll look sort of like a mix between a salsa, and a dirty dance, and a chicken on steroids. Oh, it’s bound to turn you on.

And while I’m snapping my fingers and rolling my hips doing this stupid azz rain dance, let’s usher in a beautiful new 2017; free of drama and chaos. A more suitable life for a woman my age.

I certainly didn’t say I was old. I don’t feel very fuckin old. Okay. I tend to be a little slow sometimes, but for the most part, I feel like a very jovial young sprite on a mission. My quest is to stay free, fair and fuck like a fiend. Very lofty goals, I know. But they’re mine. It’s so nice to have some. Oh, yes. And goals, too.

Losing Bull should have changed me. Being attacked should have killed me. But, I’m still here. I don’t know why. But for some reason, I’m still here. Doesn’t that means something??

I’ll tell you what I’m doing away with in 2017… Loser friends. Those needier than I. You see, I may be needy, but I do for myself. I won’t have anyone pulling me down. If you don’t already read my blog, then you’re probably not a very good friend as it is. And if you can’t even find my blog, because you can’t figure out what name I would write under… You DEFINITELY don’t even know me. And to you, I say… good riddance. I don’t need friends like that.

And to my new friends… My wonderful blog friends…. I hope that this is a year goal of strong relationships, passionate ties and strength of character. May we always learn from our mistakes and look people straight in the eye.



6 Replies to “Ode To My Friends”

  1. Happy New Year!! It was such a pleasure to finally meet you yesterday! I certainly enjoyed every wonderful wet sloppy moment. 🙂 I think I enjoyed the conversation at least as much as your incredible skills. Hope to see you again very soon!

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