tumblr_litgy1yejw1qgs81po1_500Today I write about one of my closest friends. I challenge you to be very open-minded. Once accepted, please continue to a fantasy of delight.

She rubbed me. With her petite and beautiful hands, she smoothed the flesh of my skin. She moved over me to take her gentle fingers and blend in the lotion… from side-to-side. Top to bottom. Marking every bone in my back, bottom, legs, and beyond. The lotion was creamy and and chilled and easily enveloped by my dry flesh.

I flipped. She continued. Again. Over my breasts. Down my belly. Between my thighs, only to round them to head towards my knees. It was all so tender, loving, and compassionate. She took her body and begin to move the creamy substance between our abdomens. The sensation of our nipples grazing was erotic. Back and forth over my breasts with her own.

When she finally took me into her mouth, I just immediately exploded. The build up had been great, now I was rewarded by the most intense orgasm. She had persuaded my body with her gentle movements and slight caress. Oh, but she didn’t stop there, continuing to nibble and lick until I came even more. Each time she would take great care to scoop as much of my cum onto her fingers, then place it onto tips of her own nipples.

My eyes were closed, so I didn’t see her. But I could hear her rustling through my box of toys. Despite that knowledge, it still felt intrusive when she first entered me. I could tell she had grabbed the red one. It was absolute, cool and curved just so to always hit my g-spot.

She used the rounded tip to tickle and tease me the little bit of time I had left, before I felt the weight of her on the bed, hovered over me. She kissed me several times sweetly, then she sat back on my new cock. And she rode.

She rode me like a woman would. Not jerky and hustled or rushed. Not forceful or violent or mean in any way. She rode me like a girl. Like a young female who was feeling me for the very first time inside of her body. At first she only slightly bent down. But then finally, fully sitting on my length.

She was passionate. She was fierce. And she needed to cum. It was evident when she pulled out and then entered me herself. I reveled in the feel of her penis inside of me. The coldness of the dildo had been too callous for me to continue to get off, but the real thing was now finishing me off like I truly needed. When she finally came, we were both spent. Still, we kissed and held, until we both came down.

What a wonderfully tender friend. I hope to see you again.


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