The Art of Dick Sucking… Lesson 2

sexy-woman-s-lips-beauty-lips-make-up-beautiful-make-up-sensual-open-mouth-lipstick-lip-gloss-natural-full-lips-59846155Good morning friends. I’m here to address the arrogance issue in my MASTERHEAD status. It is certainly true that I claim to be the best at BJ’s. I didn’t come up with the numbers myself (you can think lots of sexy gentleman for that), but, statistically speaking, most girls just don’t enjoy it. Being that I do LOVE sucking dick to the max… That, indeed, does make me BETTER.

You see, it’s almost like a play. Each character places a pivotal role, and all their little movements must align. There’s your mouth, tongue, hands, saliva, lips, even the tips of your fingers. Need I go on?? They all have to work in accord for the same ultimate goal.

NO! IT’S NOT THE ORGASM!!! It’s to have the most intense fun UNTIL you orgasm. It’s not about how quickly you get off at all. It’s about how wonderfully you get off. How amazingly you get off. How long it takes you before you get off is actually part of the girl’s responsibility. Getting you off quickly is the exact opposite of what her job is. And that is to make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest.

And that’s why it’s not a job for me. I totally enjoy what I do. I enjoy making a man last a little longer each time. We’re doing it a little different each time. Why not throw some fresh soft lip service on a dick to switch that shit up a little. You know, just keep that little brain fully engrossed so that big head can rest.

Now if your local hooker isn’t good at her job, whom do you blame? Is it the hooker who just doesn’t learn as she goes? Someone who’s own needs outweigh yours? Or do you blame the guys who allow her to get away with that sad little dick sucking show, so as not to hurt her little feelings? That’s BULLSHIT! How’s the bitch ever gonna learn? She must be taught.

Took me years to learn to deepthroat. I absolutely refused to have anything in the back of my throat choking me. And that is what it is. It is the feeling of choking. Each time. Every time. Non-stop. To deepthroat is to choke. Just letting you know.

But, there is a charisma to choking with grace. And it is certainly a special talent to be able to relax your throat over time, so as to not choke at all and accept the new object. Trust me. I didn’t learn on a dildo. My training was first hand at the hands of another. And, boy, did he whip me into shape. That is PART OF the reason that I’m so good at what I do. But that’s not the only reason!

You don’t have to like what you do to be good at it. But you do have to like what you do long enough to learn to get better before your EVER the best. And with all of you amazing men out there to train each and every girl working today, it is kind of sad that I’ve held my position as long as I have.

So, I challenge any female to a friendly competition of dick sucking. Don’t worry… I won’t hold my tongue. (IT’S PART OF MY SPECIALTY.)


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