A Cum Dripping Good Time

fraekfredag_on-your-knees-babeHey ya’ll. Sorry it took me so long to get back with ya today. Whew! What a day! Working on that rent, baby! Ya heard? LOLOL.


Boy, life is interesting. Always throwing me a delightful stage of characters. Today was just too much fun. I began my morning by apologizing. YOU FUCKING HEARD ME! And I don’t say that too damn often. (Ask anyone who hates me.)


I was so very wrong, though. And I couldn’t just let it go. Thankfully, he graciously accepted my apology… and the spit dripping blowjob I plastered on his beautifully veined cock… quite a treat. I tell ya. ALL MINE. To be sure! Don’t know why I waited so fuckin long!


Now, you can’t call yourself THE MASTERHEAD and expect everyone to buy into that shit. No way! You have to actually be pretty fuckin good at what you do. And I am just that good.


Oooh. I can hear you from here. I didn’t name myself. And I DON’T BULLSHIT. I love sucking cock. Always have. The only difference is that, now, others do, too. And that doesn’t bother me one freakin bit. (Wink Wink)


So, that leads into my second friend to arrive today. You’ve heard about this fella before. That Alpha Male type of guy. You know… all snooty, and handsome, and able to fuck every pint of juice out of me… the HARD way! (Sneer) Very nice, Sir Face-Fucker . You are quite a man! AS ALWAYS!


My third date was new. A very tall, intelligent man with a kind heart and gentle nature. Of course, I just noticed that from looking up. (Smile) He kept my mouth full of dick and words, then lots more dick. My favorite!


When he finally entered me, I just gasped. His dick was shaped perfectly, and turned up, just so, that it gently rubbed my g spot non-stop. Oh the insanity! Too much! Too much! No!! More!! More!!


What did I tell ya? Is that sweet, or what?? I love you, peeps. Keep following and liking. Smooches!


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