Face of a Monster

aa5eb58a81bbc80a5d0ebea27f5f7c3aOkay, let’s start with THIS MORNING FUCKING SUCKS. I can’t find my phone. Seems to be on silent and dead today. Whoopee. I was looking under a living room chair when the entire thing collapsed on my ankle. Besides some broken skin and bruising (around my damn ego), looks like I’ll live.

It was during my search for mysteriously missing mobile device, that I realized I couldn’t see very well out of one of my eyes. I’ve spent the past two days dealing with extreme tooth pain, and cum to find out… Well, it’s not my tooth. Likely… much worse.

There is a knot now under my left eye. Yes. It’s extremely painful. Although I believe it’s very swollen state has actually decreased the agony I felt yesterday. Oh, but it is clearly visible from the actual eye it’s beneath. It hurts to breath right at this moment. So, much better than yesterday though. But, you see, this is not my first rodeo with an infection under my eye. It’s actually a sinus infection, and before it’s through… I will probably look much like the elephant man. But only on one side of my face. Because that’s fun. Right?

Thank you Obama Care for all that you’ve done for me. Last year, I was diagnosed with cancer. You fixed me so I wouldn’t immediately die, then OUT. I’ve dealt with this sinus problem for the past two years. Doctors no longer care whether you live or die, as long as you’re able to pay the bill. Trust me, I have many firsthand experiences of being asked to leave the hospital because I had no insurance. As soon as you are no longer on death’s bed, OUT YOU GO.

I’ve heard men talk down to the older ladies on some of these sites. Personally, i think it’s hard to keep a good hoe down. But they call them flabby, saggy, and hag. At times, I do question someone in there 60’s being an escort. But then my conclusion is the same. As a sex addict, where else would I get my fix? Hell yeah. Make that cash doing what you love, until you no longer can.

So, you can imagine how difficult this is for me to wake up to. I took a yawn, stretched my body, then realized my money just stopped cold, for a reason beyond your control? Let me put it to you this way.

It’s fucking Christmas. I’m near done shopping. Rent is less than a week later.





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