I just cannot put into words how fuckin crazy LIFE is. I mean, I am stunned or thrown off-guard on a daily basis. It’s downright nutty, I tell ya. 

Anyone paying attention to me at all, could tell you that the past two weeks have been a hurricane of emotions for me. It is true. I feel very strongly about certain things, and, YES. I do write about them. I would think if you are opposed to what I’m writing, you would just stop reading. However…

Ever since the beginning, “Playing with My Friends”, has really had just one consistent problem. Readers often begin to believe I’m speaking directly to them. Even worse, are the readers who are enraged that I never mention them at all. Five minutes ago I was writing a “Dear John” letter to END this blog.

It has never been my intention to hurt anyone. I certainly would cease any unfair treatment on my part in a moment’s notice. That is, if I were made aware of it. But just talking about how I feel doesn’t make me a bad person. When I began, I knew that I’d be inviting positive and negative criticism. I knew what I was getting into.

I was almost finished editing my goodbye letter, when I received a text. My most recent date had promised to write a review for me, and, sure enough… It had posted. I was elated to read that he had enjoyed our playtime just as much as I did. Suddenly, it occurred to me.

I didn’t start writing because I wanted people to like me. My thoughts in print are my version of therapy. I am venting my frustrations, failures and fantasies on an open minded audience of my peers. Oh… And my freaks. (Of course.) There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

I’m now considering moving my blog to another platform where no one knows me. Allowing dates to read my personal musings has only caused me trouble. Sadly, I’ve had the name “Playing with My Friends” picked out since I was 25. It’s gonna break my heart to lose it. But perhaps a new face will help those that this blog offends so. And then, I’ll just blend into the crowd…


One Reply to “The END of the BEGINNING”

  1. Shucks…I had just got on the bandwagon. I hope the crazyness calms down for you, as I’m really enjoying this blog while I count down the days till I’m back in Pensacola.

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