Well, hello all of you naughty little fuckers. I hope everyone is having a relaxing afternoon. I sure am. About ten minutes ago, I was rubbing my azz off to blend in the large tube of self-tanner I just purchased. Fuck! Skin just seemed to go on and on and on… 

Finally finished. And now there are these deep coppery tones encompassing me to really set off my… Hmmm. You know, I take a fabulous face shot. Who really needs a orange body pic anyway?? 

You know, I’m doing my best to relax this weekend, but work just keeps calling. And texting. And emailing. Damn. It’s a super good thing that I love my job.

The way I look at it is this… Men work hard for their money. They spend hours toiling for the bills that we earn in only a few moments of our day. Of course, they want that money to go farther, last longer, and make them happier than ever before. That’s just common sense.

You know, I’ve received quite a bit of appreciation as a sex worker. It’s just a part of me to want you to truly have a unique and enlightening experience. My hope is that you leave more comfortable without your clothes than with. I truly derive satisfaction from assisting fellas to getting there mojo back.

Every man should feel like a MAN. He should be full of confidence and enthusiasm, so as to tackle any situation or problem. The job of bestowing that POWER the the MAN belongs to the WOMAN. I am honored and humbled to accept this challenge. 

In like 29 minutes. Shit! Gotta go. Luv ya’ll.


One Reply to “CUM ON”

  1. You are right masterhead…
    men love to know that we love them..
    they do get a big kick from feeling appreciated and from thinking we want them..

    You have the right attitude to do the job you do..
    and it helps when you love what you do..

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