Bella & My Bi-Curiosity

th7hr2wtscMy bad, friends. I know ya’ll must be getting tired of hearing from me, but I just acquired a new aqua colored laptop, and I can’t hardly keep my hands off of it.

I just hung up the phone with my best girl. She’s always been there for me, but I do so hate having to ask anyone for help. Thank goodness there are those who know you’re in need of a little lovin, before even you do. And definitely long before I’m likely to catch on.


Well, I’ve got a new business venture in the works that I’m trying not to get too damn excited about. Also, I think it’s time to truly return to the erotic stories I’ve written for so much of my life. And… I believe I’ll begin right now.


Now, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a fictional story. These are true events, with only slight embellishments to spicen up the dish. Names have been changed to protect my identity. Eek. Of course, I mean OTHER’s identity.


Bella was 15 when we first met. It was summertime, and I was staying with my Nana while my mom pulled double shifts at the hospital. Bella lived two houses down from my grandmother. Our friendship was bonded on one fatefully cold evening that I fell partially through the ice covering ole Miller’s Creek. Of course, we giggled nonstop the whole way home.


Bella was indeed the most energetic and friendliest girl I’d ever met. She was a couple of years older than I, but I challenged that fact with daily contests of cartwheels, handstands, and hangtime from your chin. Okay. Truthfully… She did usually win. But she was a sweetheart, and never made me feel like a loser. I think I kind of looked up to her a bit for that.


Okay, maybe it was a little bit more like idolize. She was pretty and sweet and everyone loved her. I wanted to be as happy as she was one day. She never seemed to have a bad hair day.


When Bella and I were first introduced, I immediately felt like an insignificant munchkin in comparison with her tall and willowy physique. Even as early as 15, she was already sportin B size cups. I wasn’t even wearing a training bra yet! I was almost embarrassed every time I was caught staring longingly in her direction. I most certainly couldn’t help it. Those delicate pink nips of her’s, just seemed to chastise me through her little spaghetti strapped top. I definitely felt some kind of an attraction to her, but was absolutely no where near admitting it.


Even at fifteen, Bella was a total stunner. Every attractive young fella in town would be trying to catch her eye, but she paid them no attention at all. Guys her age were just boys. And, boys seemed to be of no use to her at all.


The truth is, she spent most of her time trying to gain the attention of any sophisticated gentleman she came across. Nothing serious. Just gifts and candy. You know, I don’t recall her taking a liking to anyone in particular that I could think of. No boy, at least. Well, no chick either. Although I have my hopes.


There’s just something about her. It’s not that she’s virginal. Her short skirts and rosary beads clashed with her hot pink heavy metal hair. As an early teen, no one could exert real control over her. Probably because she knew how to lather it on real thick when needed. She was just so sticky sweet when it came time to being apologetic. It was hard not to forgive that angelic face with the really dark eyeliner.


So, you can imagine my amazement when I came upon something I was unsure how to handle. I walked to her house, like usual, skipping the entire way. The door was partially open, so, I just pushed it the rest of the way open and bounced inside. But Bella wasn’t in the playroom today. And no noise seemed evident in the direction of her bedroom. But, then I caught sight of that short flared red skirt a bit too far into the darkened hallway. I had to blink twice and then, even rub my eyes once more before I finally realized what I was looking at. Bella was down on her knees, right there on the carpet of her father’s study. Oh, but it wasn’t her father there with her. No. Pops had been dead for years now. The fella Bella was now sucking so fervently on was her very own brother.


I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I couldn’t see her face, but I could see the way that her fuchsia hair flashed in the overhead light. She seemed very persistent on the up and down strokes. And, Tommy, her brother, had his head thrown back in satisfaction. I should have run. Or coughed. Or… Joined in.


That memory is still so vivid in my mind. And if you thought she could suck a mean cock, wait until I tell you what she did to me!!!


4 Replies to “Bella & My Bi-Curiosity”

  1. Wow this is amazing! I am loving your blog. You’ve got a way of writing that ensares the deepest part of a man. Every word, every sentence drips with lust. You artfully paint the reader tableaus of such a sexual nature against their knowing or will. Loving it!

    Liked by 1 person

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