Slut’s Paradise

JFC! BP just threw me for a loop tonight. They sent over a lovely vision of gentleman, very tall and a little warmer in complexion. Quite a looker. I believe he told me this was his first time. I’ve certainly heard that before. Of course, I wasn’t really listening by then. I had my eye on his crotch. Oh, come on. You know me.

I needed a little something to give me a swift kick in the azz and knock me off of that slow slope down. Mr. L was said kick. Not only was he tall and handsome and sporting a nice chunk of meat, he liked to dirty talk. The filthier you were with your mouth, the more turned on he seemed to become. I took it as a challenge.

At one point, he had me bent over, my azz shoved into the air, and I was yelling out, “Stick it in my fuck hole.” I told you. He really turned me on. He made me feel very dirty indeed. I love that!

He fucked me very well from above, but was best when taking me from behind. He liked for me to pull my azz cheeks wide so that he could see deep down into me. It was hot. It was electric. It was downright nasty.

By the time he came, I was begging him, pleading with him, for just one more orgasm. He did oblige. I was in slut’s version of paradise. And I felt that new burst of energy that I had been needing.

You see, I forgot who I was for a moment. I forgot what makes me tick. I let my heart get in the way of a much stronger driving force… My hunger.


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