Well, friends. You just never know. Until you know. Do you? I knew almost immediately that my new temporary girlfriend was not working out. She seemed much more intent on talking about herself than touching my hair. She must have downed three beers before we’d ever slapped any color anywhere.

And finally… six hours, a roll of paper towels, two regular towels, both of my arms, and half a puppy dog later… Lol. Come on. You know I didn’t dye the dog. (Wish I had thought about it. He might have been opposed to the pink some, though.) …I’M KINDA PINK!!!

Whatever. It’s better than the mop I was sporting. Anyways… it makes me kind of horny. I don’t know. It’s kind of sexy. Shut up. It is. I know not just any 35 year old would put insane fuchia in there hair. Right? Huh? You say, they’re all doing it??



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