Rock Returns

This morning, an old friend contacted me. Mr. Rock. I’m sure anyone who’s followed me from the beginning remembers my love for this man. He is certainly all that AND a bag of chips. 

Rock and I have been seeing each other for close to nine months now. He is always there to cheer me up. This morning it was a tattoo of a rival team imprinted on his thigh. I could not stop laughing. He’d lost a nasty bet. I mean, this thing was huge. LOLOL. He kills me.

I think back to our last date. (Well, you can imagine how my dates go…) No food; we just fed off of each other. It was an intense evening filled with toys. I couldn’t believe it. He was enjoying them as much as I was. We had a disgustingly naughty time.

At one point, I belted up my strap-on and rode his willing azz. He loved it as much as i did. The whole time beggin me for more. 

I recall fucking. him from the front and looking into his lust filled eyes. He wanted me… and this… and then he came. I told you! Intense, right!

What a delicious adventure it has been with him. So, dinner this week, and then…

I have my hopes…


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