Liars, Losers and Losing a Friend

MONEY. Hmmm… What’s that crazy bitch gonna say about money?? Well, I’ve been thinking super hard on why people DO WHAT THEY DO, and I think I’ve cum up with something. Money corrupts completely. It causes people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Am I right, friends?? Oh, don’t worry. I HAVE EXAMPLES.

I live by only one policy, and that is SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. It’s not referring to conversation, darlin. It’s about being able to stand behind your word. 

If your words are I AM A FRIEND TO YOU, then you’re supposed to truly be a FRIEND to me. You don’t let MONEY cum between us. You already pretty much know what I’m up to because you pay attention (yeah, let’s call it that) to everything I do. As a friend, you should use that information to protect and care for me. I would do the same for you. Just sayin. 

But, of course, I understand if MONEY is more impportant than our friendship. I understand. WE ALL NEED FRIENDS. But maybe, just maybe… You might possibly consider our friendship before thinking about MONEY, and how you don’t have enough. How is that possible anyway??

The pain I feel over such a betrayal is difficult to describe. Just emptiness. I am so weary from these setbacks. It makes me just not wanna try anymore. I deserve better in my life.

How about a friend who spends an insane amount of personal time with you, but only pays for two sessions. His lies are sugar coated and so sweet to taste. Most likely, everything was a lie. 

Imagine my surprise to find out that my best friend  also tasted these exact same lies. That felt fabulous! I wish that friend had chosen a different chick and would never have crossed my path. 

Money had to be at the bottom of this friendship. You see, the better the friend, the cheaper (free) your escort donation. Yeah. Thanks for laughing. I’ve heard it before, but it always hurts like new.

Fuck, people! Am I inviting assholes into my life? Am I on a website called LICKS R US?? It’s just loser after loser in my life. Is is that fucking hard to just be honest? Stop playing games, people. You’d probably still get the same shit out of me, but you’d do it honestly. 

Or do you think I’d never give you the time of day? You know, you’re wrong. I don’t judge, so I’m pretty accepting of people. But wait. You’re right. If you use lies to take advantage of others in any way, I don’t want to know you.




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