Naughty and Moist Musings

Good morning, friends. I know I’ve been kind of silent lately. I’ve had a lot going on. My friend leaves this week. So, I should be back to my normal chattiness by Saturday.

I just spoke to that lovely lolita, Naughty Little Native. She’s a sexy young temptress with a whole lot of experience. AND my favorite naughty indulgence

We are planning a little get together with some hot and horny men. We need that girl time together again. Only, this time, we’re choosing to share that experience with someone else. How lucky for them.

When we were together last time, it was an exposive experience. The naughtiness was everywhere. What a mess. I thoroughly enjoyed our union. This time will prove to be much much better.

I am often amazed at how naturally this life comes for me. I enjoy the constant sexual tension. My delicious pasttimes become my daily reality. I’m writing naked right now! It helps the flow. And so does the warm breeze from my stationary heater.

But I’m becoming moist. So, I’m going to take a little break from writing. Maybe work a bit. You know. Something to get my adrenaline going. Then we’ll try this again. Have a good day, people. I sure will.


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