D and the Delicious Massage

I bet ya’ll are itching to find out about this afternoon. Aren’t you? It would take me all day to describe it. My web friend certainly came prepared.

He began by flipping me onto my stomach and rubbing every part of me with his bare hands. This massage was rough and deliberate and intensely erotic. It eased the tension right out of my flesh. I was lying there all naked and vulnerable as he used his hands to molest me. Ecstasy.

I’ve never had anyone make love to me like that. It’ll probably never happen again. Not unless I’m lucky enough to entertain my Dave again. The way that he touched me was different and quite unique. He left an indelible impression on me and my body.

I wish I understood more. I have so many questions. What is that force that pulls people together? I’ve experienced it myself so I know that it exists. I just want to know.

Great sex is a very important part of a relationship in my opinion. But there are many different types of relationships. And I have sex in just about all of them. I’m not sure if that’s the way things are supposed to happen, but that’s certainly the way it has been for me.

Men taught me to use my body and my charm to enhance the lives of others. Not only did I willingly become a sex slave; I thoroughly enjoyed it. No guilt or shame accompanied my outlandish behavior. So, I can see where I may have become confused about the difference between lust and love.

Oh, come on. You knew I was going to talk about that again. I’m still examining my choices in life. Still wishing for more.

So maybe sucking every guy that you meet isn’t the best idea. It’s not like I suck EVERY guy’s dick that I know. I do think it’s a great way to say hello.

I know that I’m rambling. If you’ve noticed, it’s been about a week of confusion for me. That could be due to a lot of things. I have drawn my own conclusions. Whatever the reason, I’m still learning. Still growing. Still experiencing the most I possibly can. That’s got to be enough. Right? Hello?


2 Replies to “D and the Delicious Massage”

  1. Oooooh my..
    sounds like you really enjoyed Dave…
    and felt a connection..

    And now you don’t know to ask for more.. or even to expect more. Much less. Wants MORE…

    Masterhead.. sweetie..
    you have made so many men happy 😊.. and you have had so much fun giving them that pleasure…
    And obviously 🙄 you enjoyed every moment with each and every one…

    But there comes a time when a girl is just ready for more. Or for something different…
    And to make a career change maybe won’t be as easy.

    But I do hope you get and find everything your heart ❤️ desires…

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  2. Glad to hear your date went well. Always wanted to try my hand at giving a message, you’d be surprised how hard it can be to find a woman willing to let a guy learn. -sigh- But yes, leaving a lasting impression on a fine lady’s body … now there is a goal in life. Good on Dave. As for seeking of truth of love … god I hope the journey is enough, cause I don’t think I’ve meet many that have reached the end of that road. I think that’s why when we are young we make so much noise about it, cry and bemoan and rejoice and savour the touch of others like it’ll never end. Cause once it does, we’re back to putting one pondering foot in front of another till we reach the next oasis. However long that trek is.

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