Dark Kiss

Okay, ya’ll. I’ve shoved off all negative feelings to return to the world of the sexually opressed. It’s so good to be back. Here’s a little something for your most carnal desires.

Her thirst was intense, almost physical. Her scent called out to the animals in attendence. No single man could satisfy her need, but she was finally willing to try…

Bodies thrust and pulsed, filled with the rythm and sway of the song. She stood in the center and scanned the room. A dark eyed creature was already staring her down from the darkness. Soon, she was at his side.

Nothing was said, but all was understood. He took her hand and led her into a dark corridor of walls and neon lighting until they were safely inside a vestibule surrounded by blackness.

There lips met, slowly at first. The tip of his tongue eased past her teeth to tickle the inside of her mouth playfully. When she sucked him in further, he couldn’t help but gasp. A final nibble of her teeth upon his bottom lip drew his hand up and around her wrist.

Once trapped, she was no help when he chose to guide her back and onto a nearby sofa-life piece of furniture. In the dark, she seemed to lose her understanding of place and procedure. When he forced her head back by applying pressure to her throat, she complied easily. Her desire for release overwhelmed any comprehension or common-sense she may have had.

He tore at her clothes. She helped willingly, ripping the fabric to shreds. He forced his fingers into her ever wettening vagina. The natural lubrication alone was not enough to ease her surprise at the intrusion. She immediately felt herself growing even more wet as he fished around in her canal roughly.

Her senses gave no alarm when he thrust his penis completely into the back of her throat. She coughed and it forced him out. Her body wheezed for several moments before he began his assault again. This time she was better prepared, and took him down to the very base. He shuddered.

She sucked and fondled, but, mostly, she licked. Up and down slowly, like a child with an ice cream cone. She didn’t suck every man’s dick this way, but this one was obviously in need of a little worshipping. So… She licked. And licked. And licked.

He came violently. Even more so for her. His hand held her head in place as he poured hot semen down the deepest recesses of her throat. She struggled to swallow, finally spilling some down onto her chin. She felt his silent kiss as he removed it with his tongue. And then, he was gone.

For the first time, she didn’t feel thirsty anymore.


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