Well, good evening friends. Obviously it’s a little later than my usual musings. I’m fully aware of this. My day was… Hmm. A word eludes me to describe it. I would say restful, since I slept all day, but I could sleep still.

You see, I was up really late using markers to color in a big fuzzy peace sign and listening to music. And thinking. About 3am, I realized that my poster was sprinkled with color… IN THE WRONG SPOTS. So, I hit the couch.

I awoke to my neighbor knocking around 9ish. Back to bed. Finally, I awoke at 5pm. I was finding it difficult to stay awake with everything churning in my skull, so I just didn’t. Then why am I still tired? Hmm.

Regardless, back to the peace sign, coffee, and insightful lyrics. And painful fantasies of a different life.