Hobby Lover Friend

Sometimes, I find it difficult to write about certain experiences for fear that new friends may become jealous or concerned that that they cannot recreate times I’ve already had. I know that sounds a little weird. But it’s true. If you’re reading about someone having the time of their life and they describe it in very vivid words, I can understand how you may think that you might not measure up.

Let me tell you that every time is unique and different. Each person, in their own way, brings something special to the experience. It becomes something that only he and I, together, could create. So there’s really no need to wonder if you compare at all to my previous experiences. Until you cum, you’ll never know what you’re missing.

Now with that being said, I must tell you about my HOBBYLOVER.

To begin with the man stands 6 feet 5 inches tall. His entire body has been enlarged by some special hand. His cock was thick and swollen and the perfect size for his body. Very large. I’m embarrassed to say, even with the girth of it, I took it like a champ.

When I talk about chemistry, this is indeed the exact experience to describe what I mean. From the moment that we first touched, there was definitely an attraction. I was drawn to him like a moth to the flame. It was unnerving and positively exquisite.

Oh, and the man knows how to eat pussy. That was one of his greatest attributes. He licked and fondled and sucked my clit until it was huge and squirting. He had my entire pelvic region aflame with desire. To be honest, it’s very difficult to describe. I hate to say this, but you would have to have been there.

We fucked. We fucked again. Then again. And once more. It was the time of my life. Breaks were spent gasping for air on his chest. The safest place I can imagine being.

There was no fear or discomfort there. He was tender and loving and compassionate. It seemed like it was forever ago and, yet, only moments.

I miss him still.


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