Fuck Me In The Balls

After I finished writing my post yesterday, I did what I always do in the morning. I began reading through some of the other articles. It’s kind of of my daily thing. I came across another WordPress author who was showcasing someone’s work. I actually found it intensely erotic.

It was a picture of a man fucking a woman in the balls from Chuck E. Cheese’s. Or, maybe they weren’t Chuck E. Cheese’s balls. I suppose they could have been Ronald McDonald’s balls. Doesn’t matter. It was seriously fucking hot.

I followed the link and was pleasantly surprised to find other intricate pieces that were even more stimulating than the first. Suddenly, my panties were damp, and for the very first time, I was unsure why. I mean, yes. They were naked bodies, but they were also just drawings.

I can’t seem to locate the post anymore, so I’m hoping to find someone who can tell me how to reach out with a link to this person. I, also, would like to showcase their work. Here’s why…

When I looked at these depictions of several sexual acts yesterday, I found myself extremely turned on. So turned on, in fact, that I turned on a porn site and began watching hentai movies. Very hot! Eventually, I was forced to go take out three vibrators. One for my g spot. One for my clit. And one, for emergencies In case the other two ran out of batteries. (LOL. Yeah right. I’ve got lots of batteries.)

I’m lucky to have gotten off when I did, or I never would have made it to yesterday’s date. And that’s how my morning began. I’m trying not to let too much of that hold me down today. You know you could stroke yourself to death. Hey, I’ve heard it somewhere. But, then again… That can’t be true. If so, who would be left to read my blog?? 


One Reply to “Fuck Me In The Balls”

  1. There is alot of meh hentai out there, just like any porn. On the other hand there is something about being able to exaggerate reality just so (or just halariously alot) that makes the good stuff amazing. Now then, what is this about debatchery in a ball pit? I hope you find it, I kinda want to see that too. :p

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