Bitter Fruit

He whispered in her ear, “I’m a pervert and you love it.” And she did. Every breathtaking moment that she spent within his company was like an erotic dream.

She met met him through some stupid dating site. You know the one that hooks up sluts with horny men. Like we needed the help. He was charming and she was gullible. Doesn’t it always happen that way.

When they first met, it was no doubt purely chemical. They were both immediately attracted to each other, and shared their love for the perverse and obscene. Life was just a kinkier place when he was fucking her. AMAZING!! She just excepted that for what it was.

If she’d only known it was fleeting… That their moments wouldn’t last… She would have relished them more. Savored them individually. Sucked harder. Fucked longer. Delved deeper into the person that was on the inside as well as the outside. 

Once he entered her body, he owned her. There was always a wicked grin on his lips as he pumped her madly from below. And all she could do was cry out, hoping it would never end. New position, new submission. No will to stop the exquisite torture. No temptation to even try.

His wet kisses left her breathless and dizzy. She loved the taste of EVERY PART OF HIM. Her tongue drew carresses along his heated skin. Tasted the tender parts he often hid. 

When he came, he reached for her and held her close. They would stay that way for forever. But that’s impossible isn’t it? Or she wouldn’t be alone now.


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