Cum Buffet

Well, hello, my sexy friends. Last night, I had the most delicious dream that I gave someone a second chance. It went sort of like this…

I had woken up in the middle of the night to find my phone ringing. Without thinking, I answered it. It’s not like we are enemies. We were still super good friends. Just friends… That weren’t fucking. I invited him over to smoke. I don’t know why. Sort of as an apology. Nothing more.

He walked in, all fresh faced and clean shaven head, and sat down. We begin to smoke and watch a movie. The green was pungent and the movie was okay, but definitely made better by the soft cuddling. He began massaging my nipples just slightly through the thin material of my shirt. His hands began kneading my breasts in the most tender of massages.

I was wet instantaneously. I don’t know. We just have this chemistry. When we’re together, we are both turned on. It just happens. It was happening now.

I reached back to massage his crotch, although I had told him before he ever came over that he wasn’t getting this pussy tonight. I wanted to see if his intentions were true. Unfortunately mine must not have been.

I mean I didn’t intend to fuck him. I guess he knew this would happen. It’s like sparks of electricity between us that draw our bodies together to be as one every 8time we are together. I need him inside me. Just from the feel of his hands on my breasts. Just from him stepping through my door. Just from him calling me. Just from him being.

I really didn’t intend to fuck him. That was evident by the shower that I hurriedly rushed to complete while he was finishing the movie. Boy, that was one of the fastest showers I’ve ever took. I’d never be late again if I washed that quickly every time.

I won’t tell you everything that happened. I will tell you there’s nothing we didn’t do. I know what turned me on the most about the whole thing was him tongue-fucking my pussy right after I had cum. My pussy was a mess of both of our juices from the previous two times we’d fucked. Both anally and vaginally. But, he just went to town on it, scooping out every last drop of cum with his delicate tongue until I was clean. So, we fucked again.

I can’t believe I’m even telling you this. I mean, you’re my friend and all, but… Even you are going to be disturbed by this. I made a date with someone for this morning. Unfortunately, my pussy was being devoured as this appointment time passed. I had no idea it was so early, or rather, late. Not until my phone rang.

Okay, I’m totally embarrassed about having to cancel, but I couldn’t just see someone after my evening. All of my good intentions had gone rotten quickly. Nope. I was going to need a shower first. (Wink Wink.)


One Reply to “Cum Buffet”

  1. Not like a spontaneous and unintentional sex…
    something about the anticipation of whether we will get there or if he will want to.. or not..

    And even better when there’s that chemistry and connection that doesn’t need words to communicate that feelings..

    So happy šŸ˜ you feel so satisfied and fulfilled that you just want to savor it a little before you moved on to your next conquest…
    aaaahhhh!!!!! Sighs.. followed by a sweet smile.. reflecting back to that midnight rendezvous….

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