I’m sure there are tons of beautiful intelligent escorts out there. But, sadly, it’s a struggle to find even a decent one nowadays here in the panhandle of Florida. Most of ours’ tend to be cracked out, methed up, or tuned DOWN to all emotion, and aren’t always the cleanest of sex workers. I am lucky enough to have met a few smart and sexy females on the website I use. Sadly… We aren’t the only ones advertising these days.

I totally get it. Hookers don’t have a need for spelling or grammar. Wrong. DEAD WRONG! They place ads for the general male public. Do they not? So, shouldn’t a gentleman reading your ad or showcase be able to actually COMPREHEND what you are saying, because the words are spelled correctly? THE SENTENCES ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE?? 

Do you know that I have never met a man that did not talk at all during sex? It’s true. Either in the beginning or somewhere in the middle there’s going to be some exchange of thoughts or feelings as a form of conversation. And most certainly, before he leaves, SOMETHING will be said. If a man was to leave without a word, I’d sure be freaked out. Hell. I’ve cut men off for less.

I mean, surely you men are not still stuck in the stone age where dumb blondes are better. Since fuckin when?? That shit is frustrating as hell. Shit! I love blondes. But even I prefer the ones able to form THEIR OWN THOUGHTS. It is definitely a man’s world. I’m still content to live in it on my knees (preferably not after my 30+ years of service already) and AWARE of what is actually going on around me.

Maybe I’m looking at it all wrong. Perhaps they just don’t care. Maybe they don’t read the ads before they post them. (It’s obvious they don’t.) But maybe they just don’t care what anyone thinks. Maybe their skills speak for themselves. 

I’m not betting  it. I know one personally, and she’s been ganking the actual words verbatim from my very own original ads for awhile now. Only, she misspells most of them. She’s charming… Yes. Brilliant… No. And she was one of those mean girls in class. You know the kind… fake southern charm seething with false compliments and laced with hints of snobbish class. (I never understood that one.)

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this. I mean, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But, hey…